Creating a Character

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Recreating a Multiclassed Character (originally had 4 classes)

Bonus Language makes Intelligence the only ability score that makes characters lose long term if it isn't high

Point Buy vs Rolling

Ethnic languages for half-orcs and half-elves?

First time character creation summary - liked options, struggled with ability gen

How Low is Too Low for Stat Rolls?

Calculating Skills issue

The Lost Star Playtest Feedback on Character Creation by MrCoffeeCup

Making an Alchemist that DOES NOT throw bombs

Animal Companion Item Bonus

Deadmanwalking's Adventurer's Kit: An Ease Of Use Aid

Initial Thoughts on Character creation

Character Creation: The Backward Bicycle

No 18 Constitution at 1st Level?

An Honest-to-God Good Character Sheet

Confused with familiars and animal companions

Trained and Not Trained Better explinations

Starting wealth and backgrounds

Table 1-4 Ability Modifiers

PCs should get more skill increases

Attribute generation

Heritage feats

Character creation creats the same characters time after time, class after class.

Oceanshieldwolf and cub: Session 0.1 Feedback

Doomsday Dawn Part 2 character creation time

Creating a debuff character

Made a character with a brand new player

Session 0 character creation feedback

Why do stat increases slow down after you have an 18 in a stat?

Initial attribute combination options

Iconic Builds: A Suggestion to Help New Players

Can perception be added to like a skill?

Fillable PDF Character Sheet?

Character dumping class fluff

C A B: streamlined character creation guide for the playtest

Four Free Ability Boosts. to stack them, or not to stack them?

Creating a Druid

Short Spell Descriptions

Creating a Character is Neither Fun nor Fast

Stat-bumps dropping off after 18 leads to really artificial choices

Retroactive Effects of Proficiency Increases

Converting other classes

Sign Language All or Nothing

Can someone lend me a character?

***SAD*** Is there a way for Non-Human Cleric / Druid get a STR 14+

Resistance stacking

Skills at character creation?

Paladin of Abadar making a trap option decent

Problems with Starting Funds?

Treasure for New Characters - Common Permanent Items

Making a Druid / Monk Wildshape focus gestalt.

Perception, Master and better?

Proficiency Mods Stack?

Monk AC

Build Concept: Magical Striker - Elf Wizard with Fighter Multiclass

Best class for a "muscle" wizard?

Just Randomize It

Archetypes on caster classes

Oof. I have a headache after helping four players level up for Mirrored Moon.

Pushing crit to the limit

Feedback of fresh "never-played PF / PF2" players making characters

Any change of bringing back point buy

Character generation "learned helplessness"

Roleplaying a Goblin and Goblin terminology.

Prepping for A.A.S.H*, or “how making this paladin is costing me sanity points”


Question about a Fighter Build

Sorcerer tips for using Dragon Claws

Trying to build a melee bard - no melee attack cantrip?

Digital Excel Character Sheet

Should Background selection be divorced from Ability Scores?

Question on Student of the Stone Oread Archetype

Level 1 character - Skills

Dwarf Ancestry Feat

Optimized vs Iconics

A bit of Cleric assistance

Serious question: Was the PF1 CRB layout any better?

Sudden Charge

Wizard equipment

Rogue Feat Nimble Dodge

Who's best suited for intimidate

Dwarf Fighter using intimidate

Best level 1 Wizard feat?

Spreading Out Ability Boosts

Advanced Race Guide - Racial Traits

Need 9th level fighter build for Mirrored Moon

One weapon vs two weapon rogue

Monk Feat Stances

Monk flurry of blows + Dragon Stance

Cleric of Erastil

Dump Stats

Dungeons & Dragons to Pathfinder

The Bard

Preferred ranged weapon for a Cleric?

Performance to Intimidate

Online Character Sheet (Google Sheets)

Wild order Druid

Help with a Sniper Build

Behold my friends, the monkey grip barbarian

Best Ranger / Archer from level 1- 20

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