Creating a Character

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Attribute generation

PCs should get more skill increases

Table 1-4 Ability Modifiers

Starting wealth and backgrounds

Trained and Not Trained Better explinations

Confused with familiars and animal companions

An Honest-to-God Good Character Sheet

No 18 Constitution at 1st Level?

Character Creation: The Backward Bicycle

Initial Thoughts on Character creation

Deadmanwalking's Adventurer's Kit: An Ease Of Use Aid

Animal Companion Item Bonus

Making an Alchemist that DOES NOT throw bombs

The Lost Star Playtest Feedback on Character Creation by MrCoffeeCup

Calculating Skills issue

How Low is Too Low for Stat Rolls?

First time character creation summary - liked options, struggled with ability gen

Ethnic languages for half-orcs and half-elves?

Point Buy vs Rolling

Bonus Language makes Intelligence the only ability score that makes characters lose long term if it isn't high

Recreating a Multiclassed Character (originally had 4 classes)

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