RPG Superstar™ 2009

General Discussion
Open Call: Design a wondrous item
Round 2: Create a villain concept
Round 3: Create a villain stat block
Round 4: Design a villain's lair
Round 5: Submit an adventure proposal

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The "how many entries do you think Paizo will receive this year?" thread

The Abandoned Carnival at the Bumpy Apple Orchard

The Contest is Underway!!!

The Dread Trinket

The Last Exit Poll '09

The Legendary Playhouse Theater

The Lonely Colossus

The Migrus Thread

The Palace in the Ashen Wastes

The Putrid Temple of Volner Tain

The Scarlet Legionary Banner

Sharina, Legend Singer

Show the Math?

So when exactly does Clark sleep?

So you're in, where are you from?

Some things I am seeing in this year's batch

Spell-Catch Gauntlet

Spider Hook

Ssyth'ek, He Who Devours Demons

Still feelin' the writing bug? There's still time...

Submission Questions

T-Minus 30 minutes

Temporal Bracers

Thank You, Chris West

To Clark

Too Late to Amend?

TOP 5 FAVORITES: Which ones did you like the best?

Twintone Flute

UberGonzo Munchkin

The Unofficial Top 32 Guildhall

Unofficial Villain Lair: The Dark House on Lantern Street

Varrush, Master of the Palace of Abundance

Vashkar, the False Maharajah

Veddic, Master of the Codex

Veil of the Midnight Vigil


Villain Artwork

Villain Names

Villain question - Crafting feats

Villain Question.

Villain Stat Block and SRD

Villain voting

Villain vs. Villain

Villains in PRPG just don't go for prestige classes

The villains that didn't make the cut.

Villainy Theory

Volner Tain

Volner Tain, the Thrice-Damned Disciple

Voters, what do you want to see?

The Voting Booth: Round 2 - Top 32: Create a villain concept

The Voting Booth: Round 3 - Top 16: Create a Villain Stat Block

The Voting Booth: Round 4 - Top 8: Design a Villain's Lair with Map

The Voting Booth: Round 5 - Top 4: Submit a full adventure proposal

Well, I've probably just made myself unpopular :)

What does "Spell in a Can" actually mean?

What I'm looking for in Round 3

Where is table 17-2?

Where is the submission tool?

While we're waiting...

While you're waiting to see the Round 5 Entries

Who's critique is it anyway?

Who's working on their villain concepts already?

Withering Hourglass

Wolfgang Baur, tell us what we wanna hear!

Yes I Ask a Lot !!


Zelicia, First Servant of the Sacred Scorpion

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