Celebrating Indigenous Peoples’ Day 2023

Monday, October 9, 2023

Koonííni'ííni, Pathfinders and Starfinders!

Today, October 9th, is recognized as Indigenous Peoples’ Day in the United States of America. In honor of Indigenous Peoples’ Day, the Paizo offices are closed today. While we’re closed, we wanted to take a moment to recognize this holiday and suggest some resources for you to learn more!

Firstly, we would like to acknowledge that Paizo’s headquarters in Redmond, WA lies within the traditional homelands of the Duwamish and Sammamish tribes of Coast Salish peoples. Following the Treaty of Point Elliot in 1855, these tribes and others were consolidated and relocated to the Tulalip Tribes of Washington Indian Reservation. Since time immemorial, they have hunted, fished, gathered, and taken care of these lands.

If you are interested in knowing about the tribes and nations whose land you may be living on, here is an interactive map tool.

Indigenous People's Day

Indigenous Peoples’ Day honors the indigenous peoples of Turtle Island, Alaska, and Hawaii for their contributions to art, culture, history, and society. It also acknowledges the solemn truth of the atrocities committed against indigenous peoples over the course of this nation’s history. By celebrating the indigenous people of this country—past and present—we honor our ancestors and keep Native traditions of land, air, and water sovereignty alive.

If you have the means, a wonderful way for those settling in these lands and their children to celebrate Indigenous Peoples’ Day is to donate money, time, or community service to your local tribal community, or participate in an environmental conservation project in your community.

Some larger scale non-profits and organizations to support nationwide include:

As we take today off here at Paizo, thank you for taking a moment to read this blog and celebrate the work of our indigenous relatives and ancestors, not to mention the work of indigenous people across the games industry. We look forward to showcasing some more indigenous creatives here at Paizo for Native American Heritage Month in November!

Hohóu, in solidarity

Rue Dickey (they/he/xe)
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The map was very informative, and give a good starting point to learn more about the native history of these lands we live on...

To note: the map is not "US" only. It includes a lot of other native territories/languages/treaties, not only in the americas, but all over the world (Mostly concentrated in Americas, Australia/New Zealand, and a bunch of Africa, but they also have the Ainumoshir territories that were persecuted and driven out in Japan.

Thanks for sharing this.

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Was able to send a donation Indigenous Justice’s way. Thank you for this post and the wonderful work that Paizo’s Native staff do.

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Thank you for sharing. I will endeavor to learn more and appreciate the links.

Liberty's Edge

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Thank you for sharing. It is important that we learn each other's stories in order to try to understand and appreciate each other.

Also, I hope to see Paizo take time to develop Arcadia. (I wonder what the Mahwek and others native to that continent in Golarion call it.)

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