Pathfinder Infinite: June in Review

Wednesday, July 26, 2023

It’s been a minute since we’ve had one of these Infinite showcase blogs—now with your new host, Rue! They’re taking over for Mark and are super excited to be showing off some of our top performing products from June.

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June’s Top Performers

Titles are ranked by an average of units sold and revenue earned and are presented in alphabetical order. Asterisks indicate titles that have been on a bestseller list previously. Because they’ve consistently topped the list, and due to the number of their titles that typically take up spots, “Team+” and “Team Index” have asked to be removed from the calculations for ongoing top performers lists. This will allow newer publishers or book series to get more attention. Thanks, all!

Adventures in Jalmeray
Venture to the island of Jalmeray where an adventuring party has unleashed an ancient curse that threatens to consume a city. The streets of Prada Hanam run with blood as nobles and desperate merchants clash, while in the shadows a rakshasa schemes to reshape society in his image.

Cooking Unleashed
Across Golarion, various delicious cuisines and meals are made every day by chefs from different cultures and backgrounds. Some alchemists dedicate themselves to mixing the art of alchemy with the culinary arts to create delicious and potent treats!

Draconic Character Options
Walking the path of the dragon can grant you immense power, but true dragons come in many shapes and dispositions, so choose carefully. Some may ask for a cost you cannot pay or don’t understand. Some may offer you sage advice on how to move forward, while yet others will obliterate you on the spot.

Eldritch Expansions: Vaulted Weapon Masters
Delve into the myriad weapons of the treasure vault with Eldritch Expansions: Vaulted Weapon Masters, featuring archetypes to break and bewilder all who would oppose you. This book includes 12 archetypes and over 100 weapon-focused feats.

Inkfinder 2: Mark of the Harrow
Inkfinder 2: Mark of the Harrow is the much anticipated sequel to the gold metal-selling Inkfinder. This harrow-themed sequel includes magical tattoos for each Harrow card, various tattoo-related character options, and more!

Non Animal Companions
Over 30 all new (non) Animal Companions for your Pathfinder Second Edition game, featuring mimics, imps, and more.

Queerfinder Issue 1: Bars of Absalom*
Welcome to the inaugural issue of the Queerfinder Society's travel magazine, a guide to Golarion from queer creators and allies focused on queer characters and stories! This issue features NPCs, locations, adventures, and more that center queer stories.

Queerfinder Issue 2: Absalom Winter Traditions
Welcome to the second issue of the Queerfinder Society's travel magazine, a guide to Golarion from queer creators and allies focused on queer characters and stories! Celebrate the winter solstice with festivals, fiction, recipes, and more!

Starfinder – Planar Powers
Harness the power of the planes in your Starfinder game! Play a conrasu, tap into the power of the Maelstrom with chaos, become a Totemist, or upgrade your character with elemental augmentations!

Vault of Vitruvius: A Treasure Vault Expansion
Enter the lair of Vitruvius the Vaultkeeper and see if his hoard has something worth stealing. Vault of Vitruvius is an expansion for Pathfinder Treasure Vault that adds over 60 new items for your Pathfinder Second Edition game!

Pathfinder Infinite Adventures In Jalmeray Pathfinder Infinite Cooking Unleashed: A Treasure Vault Supplement Pathfinder Infinite Inkfinder 2 Mark of the Harrow Queerfinder Issue 2: Absalom Winter Traditions

Starfinder Infinite Planar Powers

Coming Soon: Elemental Expansions!

Pathfinder Rage of Elements is just around the corner, and our Infinite Masters are cooking up some red-hot companion content! Be on the lookout for these products, coming soon after Rage of Elements’ release:

  • Elements Together (early September): “Explore the elemental planes introduced in Rage of Elementswith a series of archetypes that really bring them to a whole with Elements Together!” - Conner Berkheiser, Chris Handforth, Sasha Laranoa Harving, Helen Savore, Victoria L. Sullivan, W. Brian Lane
  • Paper & Ink (late September): “Explore an expanded elemental cosmology with planes, creatures, and character options for the elements of paper and ink, where boundless potential meets limited actualization!” - Sasha Laranoa Harving, Helen Savore, W. Brian Lane
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Pathfinder Adventure, Adventure Path, Rulebook Subscriber

Exciting to see my product in a Paizo blog!! And congrats to all my fellow Infinite creators who did really well in June too!

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June had the first Jamfinder jam, organised on the Infinite Possibilities discord server, which resulted in a bunch of Summer-themed new products on PFI. I published my first thing as part of it! We're talking about doing the second one in September with an autumnal theme, though I'm working on other stuff in the meantime.

Love these blogs, thanks a bunch! There is some stuff here that looks like loads of fun.

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