Introducing the Starfinder Team

Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Greetings from the future! As mentioned in our Introducing the Narrative Team blog, there have been some changes to Paizo’s teams, and perhaps none have seen more of a shake-up than the Starfinder Team!

With the restructure of the editorial department, you’ve already heard about changes to the Narrative Team under Linda Zayas-Palmer and will be hearing more about the Rules and Lore Team under Michael Sayre in the coming weeks. Today is your chance to learn about the Starfinder Team and some of the exciting changes we’ve got coming down our futuristic pipeline.

The Starfinder Team is responsible for everything Starfinder. That includes Starfinder Adventure Paths, Starfinder modules, Starfinder hardcovers, Starfinder the flamethrower… oh wait, ignore that last one! The team handles all aspects of Starfinder except for Starfinder Society, which remains under the Narrative Team due to its close connections to Pathfinder Society through Paizo’s Organized Play programs—though we keep in regular contact with our SFS developer for scheming purposes.

All right, let’s introduce the team!

A green Veskarium starship flies away from two pursing triangular violet jinsul ships. The green ship is firing defense guns with spurts of bullets heading towards two incoming missiles fired by the pursuing vessels.

Dustin Knight

Greetings Starfinders! I’m Dustin Knight, the newest developer for Starfinder! I’m taking the lead on the development of future Starfinder hardcover books. Working at Paizo is a dream come true, and I’m so excited to bring smiles to our fans around the world. I’m also elated to be able to work with the most creative and skilled artists, designers, developers, editors, and writers in the industry; my only regret is not contacting Paizo years sooner to ask for work (hint, hint). Being able to develop player-facing options is especially exciting for me given my experiences both writing new content and evaluating existing content for Organized Play—where I hope my additions to our awesome game will facilitate memorable stories for years to come.

You may have already met me lurking around various Starfinder & Pathfinder Discords, hanging with the crew on Know Direction: Beyond, and releasing my own line of Pathfinder Infinite products. When I’m not developing or writing new RPG books, I’m still finding time to play TCGs, experience the culinary cross-roads of the Seattle area, and enjoy every minute of my precious boyfriend’s incredible Starfinder campaign!

If you’re interested in working with us, please feel free to contact me at Don’t be shy about including your availability, interests, and experiences, whether RPG related or otherwise, as it can greatly help us assign exciting content that plays to your strengths as an author! Feel free to chat me up on the Infinite Possibilities Discord.

Jenny Jarzabski

Hi, I’m Jenny Jarzabski, and I’m super hyped to keep bringing that extra sparkle to Starfinder’s Adventure Path line. I’ll be outlining and assigning Adventure Paths and modules, plus working with the rest of the team to dig deeper into Starfinder’s lore and shape the future of Starfinder as a game and brand!

My Paizo career began in Organized Play. There, I helmed the Starfinder Society’s Year of the Data Scourge before joining the Adventure Path team. Recently, I’ve stepped into my new role as Queen of Adventures—note that my actual title is Senior Developer—a role that encompasses my old job responsibilities with an added layer of creative influence and mentorship.

Besides my on-the-clock work, I’m a longtime Paizo freelancer, but adventures are my specialty. My latest published work is recently released Drift Crashers 2: Nightmare Scenario, but I have so many ‘Finder credits at this point that it’s hard to keep track. Before I became a freelance writer I worked as a teacher, bartender and certified sommelier, and event planner. I still enjoy talking about wine and, of course, tasting it! I love the outdoors, playing video games (Drakengard/NieR and Final Fantasy XIV are my favorites), watching anime, cosplay, performing, and music. I love mechs, magical girls, and tragic androids; you can expect more of this holy trinity (and many more fun surprises) in future Starfinder releases. I’m not into social media these days, but I’m active on Discord and my digital mailbox at is always open! Forgive me for the Drift delay in responding.

Thurston Hillman

Hello! I’m Thurston Hillman, the managing creative director for the Starfinder Team. This is a bit of a unique title in our company as it combines the elements of manager and creative director to balance out the fact that Starfinder is a smaller team. My role comprises the usual logistical scheduling tasks as well as the oversight and guidance provided by a creative director. I work side-by-side with my co-workers and other departments to make sure that Starfinder is the best brand it can be, and to bring all the content that our fans want.

I’ve been GMing Starfinder campaigns off and on since the game came out, including some hosted on Paizo’s Twitch Channel. (Check for Pungeon Crawl!) Along with my obvious love of Starfinder, I’m a huge fan of Pathfinder, and I even GM a show as part of the Narrative Declaration team ( in our custom Rotgrind setting. I also run a home PF2 campaign set in the nation of Druma, for which I co-wrote the actual book back at the end of Pathfinder 1st Edition, and we’re now entering the fourth adventure in my homebrew Adventure Path that has the PCs battling against corrupt Prophets of Kalistrade and the forces of Abaddon. Yeah, that’s right, I’m using this space to TELL YOU ABOUT MY CAMPAIGN!! *insidious laughter follows*

I’ve been working with Paizo since Starfinder’s launch, where I was the Starfinder Society developer. I later helped the Pathfinder Society for a brief stint before moving into digital adventures and then back onto Starfinder in my current title. In all those roles, I’ve worked on too many products to name, and most recently I’m wrapping up work on the Scoured Stars Adventure Path, which is a dream-come-true project. Also, I tossed a never-before-seen Scoured Stars art piece into this blog, because I am ABUSING MY NEW AUTHORITY *more insidious laughter ensues*

On official channels, you can contact me at For the foreseeable future, I’m hands-on when it comes to outlining and assigning our current slate of projects, so while Dustin and Jenny are using their stable of freelancers and contacts, I’ll still be involved in the process for a bit. I’ll be primarily focused on supporting Adventure Paths and charting the vision for our hardback lines, but don’t be surprised if I have a special project or two that you one day hear about.

You can find me on pretty much all the socials as @OnCallGM, and I tend to answer when summoned on several Discord channels. Outside of TTRPGs, I have a stack of miniatures I need to get back to painting… so many miniatures…

Dustin Knight

Jenny Jarzabski
Senior Developer

Thurston Hillman
Managing Creative Director (Starfinder)

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I really wanted that Starfinder flamethrower. I have been really bummed since I was unable to get the Spaceballs flamethrower.


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Looks like Starfinder is in good hands!

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David knott 242 wrote:

I really wanted that Starfinder flamethrower. I have been really bummed since I was unable to get the Spaceballs flamethrower.

I made use of one of these during the pandemic. It's no flamethrower, but it made some folks smile. Near as I could tell, at least.


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I got a shout-out! <3


I love you too, my dazzling Knight. Keep on enhancing Starfinder with your talent and creativity!

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I look forward to seeing what y'all do with Starfinder next!

The Exchange

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David knott 242 wrote:
I really wanted that Starfinder flamethrower.

I know, right? “Kids love this one!”

Silver Crusade

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I agree with this others, Starfinder is in good hands, and I am excited to learn what Starfinder will become in the next years with this team in charge ^^

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Jenny Jabz is awesome, she has a Midas touch and I love all her work.

Thursty is also a legendary figure, and I look forward to him one day getting us some more installments of The Perplexity.

Haven't come across Dustin yet but looking forward to seeing what magic he brings to the table.

I was being paranoid then. Glad to hear. Still hoping to get a bit of a better idea of the future of Starfinder Adventures and especially Adventure Paths- do we have anything forecast after Drift Hackers that isn't recycled SFS content?

Scarab Sages

A great team. Can't wait to see what y'all have in store!

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Elegos wrote:
I was being paranoid then. Glad to hear. Still hoping to get a bit of a better idea of the future of Starfinder Adventures and especially Adventure Paths- do we have anything forecast after Drift Hackers that isn't recycled SFS content?

Jenny let slip with a little humorous prodding (from little old me mostly) at one of the Live GENCON Twitch streams that there is a Mech AP in the works.

That's about all we know right now and I am assuming its going to be the 2nd hardcover . Then they will see the sales and either continue, go back the way it was or try another different thing :)

Can't really call then new guards as they have been with SF for a long while now, quite curious to see the "newer Blood" take the reigns and see what their take on Starfinder is.

Welcome upper management and congrats!!

Tom :)

Paizo Employee Managing Creative Director (Starfinder)

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Thanks everyone for the positive comments!

Yes, our team is settling into its roles, and have been (in Jenny and I's case) for several months. Dustin has already taken off with a bunch of projects, and is getting settled on a new UNANNOUNCED RULEBOOK™.

We're not really using this blog for major announcements, but I do want to stress that there's a lot of unannounced products in the pipeline that should be getting announcements in the coming months. We've already teased a post-Scoured Stars Adventure Path that Jenny is working on (something something, stompy robits, something something), but there's also some unannounced products in other lines that folks can expect updates on in the coming months.

VERY excited to get these announcements out—not to mention being able to freely use the content in my own home games!

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That's good to hear. I'm just champing at the bit because while Scoured Stars is a great product I'm sure a lot of people are going to enjoy...I had the idea for running it a full 2 years before it was announced, made my own version and finished it, so I'm not super jazzed to run it again, you know?

Any hints we can get about "Unannounced rulebook"?

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Hello Starfinder team. Thank you for the amazing stuff you all do. Please keep doing it. Fan for life! Can't wait to see the new things you have in store, especially the adventure paths.

Wayfinders Contributor

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This blog brings such joy!

Thanks for all you do!


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