The Ultimate Faeries Kickstarter is here from Legendary Games!

Monday, October 24, 2022

The Ultimate Faeries Kickstarter from Legendary Games is now live, featuring over 1300 pages of incredible content for Pathfinder Second Edition, Pathfinder First Edition, and Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition (DnD 5E) to make any campaign featuring the fey more marvelous, magical, and mysterious!

Legendary Games: Ultimate Faeries kickstarter Pathfinder first edition, second edition, and Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition Compatible

This massive project features two beautiful hardcover books for both Pathfinder Second Edition and DnD 5E, Faerie Campaigns and the Faerie Bestiary, with nearly 500 pages of content for each system—plus the fabulous Forest Kingdom Campaign Compendium for Pathfinder First Edition! These beautiful books include complete fey adventures; fey-themed character options, archetypes, class features, spells, and magic items; GM tools for how to handle faerie bargains, roleplay fey relationships, and demonstrate how their presence warps the weft of the world; and so much more! Plus, we are creating a line of STL minis suitable for 3D printing featuring the monsters from this series, and VTT support is already in the works for Roll20, Fantasy Grounds, and Foundry!

Available Now on Kickstarter: Fey Monsters and Campaigns for Dungeons and Dragons Fifth edition and Pathfinder first and second edition

The Faerie Bestiary includes 200 faerie creatures and challenges for every level, from true fey like brownies, fauns, and gremlins to beasts and spirits that fit well with the fey, from boojum snarks to unseelie banshees, azatas to animate dreams, and moss trolls to wildwood dragons!

Cover mock ups for legendary games Faerie Bestiary, Faerie Campaigns, Forest Kingdom Campaign Compendium, and Ultimate Kingdoms

These books are ideal companion volumes for the Kingmaker Adventure Path Anniversary Edition, whether you choose to play the new Pathfinder Second Edition version, the classic original for Pathfinder First Edition with the expanded material from the new project, or with the Kingmaker Bestiary (5E). This is doubly true if you include the incredible Ultimate Kingdoms add-on, which features a metric ton of terrific new content for kingdom-building, mass combat, strongholds, intrigue, and so much more—created by the same authors that wrote the official kingdom rules for Pathfinder First Edition in Pathfinder Ultimate Campaign and the new rules for Pathfinder Second Edition in the Kingmaker Adventure Path!

Best of all, these books are not just done being written; they're already nearly ready! Ultimate Kingdoms and the Forest Kingdom Campaign Compendium are 100% complete. Layout is done on the 5E and Pathfinder Second Edition versions of the Faerie Bestiary, though we may add some special magnificent monsters with stretch goals! Meanwhile, both versions of Faerie Campaigns are in layout now. We should have PDFs ready to go in December and will be ordering books and minis before the end of the year, like this fuzzy feline friend!

Grey unpainted miniature of a cat standing on its hind legs summoning fire in its paws

We are excited to get this project headed your way! Whether you are looking for a perfect companion for the original Kingmaker Adventure Path or the new Kingmaker Adventure Path Anniversary Edition or you just want to enhance your own Pathfinder First Edition, Pathfinder Second Edition, or DnD 5E campaign into the fey realms and forest deeps, we hope you will join us for Ultimate Faeries!

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