Pathfinder Infinite: July in Review

Friday, August 12, 2022

July was a wild month for Pathfinder and Starfinder Infinite! We saw over 40 new entries, including the first titles from our newest batch of Infinite Masters. But let’s start by looking at the top performers on the site last month!

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July’s Top Performers

The following top performers are those titles that ranked highly on the lists of best-sellers, top earners, or both and are presented here in alphabetical order.

Abomination Vaults GMs Guide (P2)
An invaluable resource for any GM looking to run Abomination Vaults, this guide includes conveniently laid out stat blocks, new mini-adventures, and wandering factions!

Boosted Bestiary (P2)
Whether you want larger encounters or challenges for higher level characters, Boosted Bestiary gives you over 200 monsters by updating the level range of monsters from the Pathfinder Bestiary, adding both verisimilitude and depth to your next adventure or summoner.

Character Classes: Symbiote (P2)
The symbiote character class lets you customize your own disease and focuses on applying different conditions and types of persistent damage. A FoundryVTT module is also available as a standalone product or as a bundle.

Class Features: Subconscious Minds (P2)
Unlock your inner potential with two new Wisdom-based psychic subconscious minds found only in Class Features: Subconscious Minds! Calculated observance psychics notice subtle details around them to enhance their spellcasting, while instinctive reliance psychics learn to trust their natural powers.

Everything Shields (P2)
Everything Shields introduces new equipment, reactions, skill feats, and new archetypes: the shield-throwing Shield Maven and the magically-infused Mirror Warrior! In addition to the hundreds of new customized shield options, Everything Shields now includes a FoundryVTT module for automatically assembling shields!

Golarion Unseen: Bloodlines (P2)
Golarion Unseen: Bloodlines will absolutely inspire your next sorcerer or multiclass sorcerer with 17 bloodlines and 51 new focus spells! Pick from conceptual bloodlines, like as maestro and time, or creature-inspired bloodlines like kitsune and medusa! Now with FoundryVTT support!

NPC Index (Warriors) (P2)
With over 100 ready-made statblocks from levels 1 to 20, NPC Index: Warriors is a complete bestiary of martial enemies ready to unleash on your unsuspecting players! This exciting supplement includes an easy 3-step guide to create more NPCs and ancestry/heritage templates!

Oozefolk of Golarion (P2/SF/P1)
Learn to love the ooze with the oozemorph versatile heritage and ozid ancestry, complete with over 100 amorphous ancestry feats, 16 blobby backgrounds, 14 wobbly weapons, and some slimy summoner options! Oozefolk of Golarion features a Golarion gazetteer of the new goo and includes rules for Starfinder and Pathfinder 1st Edition!

Smoke and Sail: a Pathfinder 2e Naval Warfare Sourcebook (P2)
An invaluable sourcebook for your next nautical campaign, Smoke and Sail presents a comprehensive rule set for intuitive ship-based combat encounters, giving your party special crew actions during combat, as well as new skill feats, underwater hazards, ships, and more!

Witches+ (P2)
Now with full Foundry VTT support, Witches+ provides new patrons, class updates, lessons, and class feats, including new final lessons for 20th-level witches and feat support for everything from leylines to potions!

Pathfinder Infinite: Character Classes: Symbiote (P2) Boosted Bestiary (P2) By Ron Lundeen Pathfinder Infinite Subconscious Minds By Luis Loza Pathfinder Infinite NPC Index: Warriors by Jamie Trollope and Pail J. Steen Pathfinder Infinite Oozefolk of Golarion by Garrick J. Williams

The Infinite Masters Case Files

This July the Infinite Masters, an invitation-only group of Pathfinder and Starfinder Infinite creators whose work consistently sets the standard for quality and professionalism, have released six new supplements explicitly for Pathfinder Dark Archive. Thaumaturge players can expand their collections with Item Implements. Acid and time manipulating psychics can’t miss From the Arkive: AMP: A Musing on Psychics. To Study Egos in Golarion includes psychic options for various base classes. Nerves and Endings gives your psychics shocking new powers. Spell Tricksters of the Dark Archive gives every spell in Pathfinder Dark Archive new spell tricks. And Class Features: Subconscious Minds gives us two new Wisdom-based subconscious minds!

Pathfinder Infinite: Item Implements by W. Brian Lane Pathfinder Infinite: Spell Tricksters Of The Dark Archive by Dustin Knight Pathfinder Infinite: To Study Egos in Golarion by Kevin Glusing

Gen Con 2022 Infinite Community Megabundle

Don’t miss the Gen Con 2022 Infinite Community Megabundle. This bundle includes 60 products valued at over $200 for only $24.99! You just have until the 16th to pick it up, so don’t delay!

Dustin “Infiknight” Knight
Guest Contributor, Infinite Master

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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Charter Superscriber

There is some really amazing work being done in this space. Thank you for spotlighting the works.

Silver Crusade

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I mentioned this last month, but could we maybe get something like the top performers for each of the games, not saying these are not quality products, but some more spotlight on Starfinder products would be appreciated.

Paizo Employee Director of Brand Strategy

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Sebastian Hirsch wrote:
I mentioned this last month, but could we maybe get something like the top performers for each of the games, not saying these are not quality products, but some more spotlight on Starfinder products would be appreciated.

Right now there simply aren't enough Starfinder products to warrant a separate list. If that portion of the site grows enough to justify it, we can certainly break things up into two blogs. Keep contributing SF content and buying stuff from other publishers, and it's just a matter of time!

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Thank you for this shout out! I'm so glad so many people have liked my contributions to the Infinite program.

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