Ever Stalwart, Ever Vigilant: Knights of Lastwall Authors!

Thursday, August 11, 2022

While Pathfinder Lost Omens Knights of Lastwall has been out for some time now, we wanted to take another look at the book and the authors who made it possible. Much like the Knights of Lastwall put in the effort to further the cause of good, these authors gave their all to create the latest exciting entry in the Lost Omens line of books. As these authors share a bit about themselves and their work, consider letting them know if you like their work in the comments or following them on social media!

Luis Loza
Senior Developer

Two knights of Lastwall face off against a horde of undead in a spooky forest setting.

Art by Will O'Brien

Banana C.

Hi! I’m Banana and I had the privilege of working on a few of the deities, specifically Iomedae, Pharasma, Ragathiel, and Sarenrae. I had such a great time writing up the rituals involved for each deity, especially Pharasma’s. I’m a sucker for any god of death and goth stuff. Aside from this book, my latest work has been on Suburban Consumption of the Monstrous, Exquisite Crime, Jiangshi: Blood in the Banquet Hall, Van Richten’s Guide to Ravenloft and Betrayal at House on the Hill 3rd Edition. You can also find me on Twitter and TikTok @bananachangames and on YouTube under https://www.youtube.com/c/BananaCGames.

Jessica Catalan

Hi everyone! My name’s Jessica Catalan and I’m the Starfinder Society Developer and a freelance author. For Knights of Lastwall, I contributed Avalorex, the Knightly Training and Lastwall Sentry feats, the spells, details on the Eye of Dread region, and—my personal favorite—entries on the gods Arqueros, Kols, and Vildeis, and all the avatar stats. This book was a really fun project to work on and I’m grateful to have been a part of it. Dig in and enjoy!

Art by Christoph Peters
This is the Lastwall sentry. He’s a powerful knight clad in incomplete and battered armor. He is wielding a halberd and looks tough.

Ryan Costello

Hello, I’m Ryan Costello, contributor to Knights of Lastwall and Director of Operations at the Know Direction Network. Until recently, I was always up to my eyeballs in Pathfinder. Now that I’ve stepped away from the Know Direction podcast, it’s more meaningful to me when I get to participate in a Pathfinder project. And what a project! Knights of Lastwall takes the classic imagery of chivalry and combines it with the sensibilities, forward thinking, and creativity that makes the Lost Omens line some of my favorite Pathfinder content ever.

I especially liked working on the “Other Groups” article and exploring the Charcoal Battalion from Oprak’s Ironfang Legion, the Final Epitaph philosophy of Pharasmin knights, the orcs of the Rampart Warband, and my favorite¬¬: the undead hunting Eagle Knight splinter group known as the Vulture Knights. By eating carrion, vultures play an important role in disease containment in our ecosystem. Tying vultures to hunting undead wrote itself, and I got to cast these vilified creatures as the noblest of heroes. The section I worked on that will probably see the most play is the “Knights of Lastwall Backgrounds” article. As my wonderful developer Luis put it, you can tell I wrote this section by the wordplay.

You can follow me on Twitter @KDRyanCostello and check out knowdirectionpodcast.com for more Pathfinder and other TTRPG enthusiasm and content from me and the rest of the staff.

Alastor Guzman

Hey, I am Alastor Guzman, your local Mexican game designer. I’m a freelance designer and writer and have worked on several indie games and some bigger projects like Journeys Through the Radiant Citadel. I was honored to be able to write some of the factions in the “Other Groups” article as well as some magic items for Knights of Lastwall. It was lots of fun designing new magic items for a Pathfinder book, looking for the mix of utility, purpose, and awe in the items that will see your table. I also enjoyed developing the groups and their interrelationships in a way you can use in your games.

Besides my work as a freelancer, I have also worked on smaller Mexican projects such as the ENNIE-nominated The Maze and Tezca Sentai. I am currently working on new projects like a legendary fight system for fantasy RPGs, and fantasy settings based on Mesoamerican mythology. You can follow me on Twitter @alastorgv or support me on Ko-fi. If you are looking for a narrative or system designer, you can check my work and send me an email at alastor@axostories.com.

Art by Christoph Peters
This is the knight vigilant. She’s a noble knight wearing armor and a cloak. She’s carrying a sword and shield with the holy symbol of Milani

Erin Roberts

Hi! I’m Erin Roberts, and I loved bringing a little bit of love to this book by writing the married knights Buttons and Fenn Tunwalker, along with the intro to the “Factions” article, a few of the minor factions, and Milani, the Everbloom. While I had a wonderful time writing all of it, creating a couple whose love for each other and the knights they watch over is a source of strength during tumultuous times was particularly meaningful for me, given *gestures at the world*.

I’ve appeared around these parts in the past as part of Pathfinder Lost Omens Grand Bazaar (everything is cake!) and in Starfinder Bounty #3: A Green Place, and I have work coming up in Pathfinder Lost Omens Travel Guide and Starfinder Interstellar Species. Follow me on Twitter @nirele for more about those projects and other fun things I’m working on!

Ashton Sperry (they/them)

Howdy! It’s me, your nonbinary freelancer friend on the internet! I wrote the entries on Khagrig Daybreak and Gendowyn in Chapter 2, and the “Broken Lands” and “Other Campaigns” sections in Chapter 4 of Knights of Lastwall. Every project I’ve been on has been a distinct honor and pleasure, working hand-in-hand with my fellow authors as well as our developers to bring this fine material to y’all. With my sections, I got to explore some of the more unusual characters tied to the Knights, which I had a lot of fun doing; “How does a Chaotic Neutral fey queen tie into the faiths of the knighthood?” and “How would my knight character fit into a campaign set in Vudra?” were just some of the questions I got to explore in my submissions for this fine tome. As always, you can find me on Twitter @WhoTweetedThis where I talk about gaming stuff and post the occasional piece of art. Thank you for your time, and I hope you enjoy Knights of Lastwall!

Isabelle Thorne

Hallo everyone! I’m Isabelle Thorne, trans girl and long-time Paizo contributor. I had a big hand in this one, as you might guess from the cover! The Knights of Lastwall really are my baby; I first developed them in the Pathfinder Lost Omens Character Guide and followed through in Pathfinder Lost Omens Legends with the Iomedars, all leading up to this. And they’re the first piece of Pathfinder I really got to shape from the start. So, this is kind of a big moment for me!

And there’s so much. In addition to most of the section intros and other bridges, I contributed the in-depth looks at the Crimson Reclaimers and Shining Sentinels, and the insight in “Life as a Knight of Lastwall.” I also got to show off some of my NPCs from earlier books, like Beirivelle and Ileana (and Clarethe again!). Additionally, I had the opportunity to explore deities through a knight’s eyes; Kazutal, Falayna, Shelyn (finally!! I’m so happy), and our first look at the Vudrani deity Suyuddha. Finally, I expanded on my knight vigilant and knight reclaimant, plus feats for other archetypes.

Beyond this momentous occasion, I’m expanding into freelance editing and fiction; you’ll get to see some of that in Queerfinder on Pathfinder Infinite and the recently crowdfunded Sinclair’s Library. Hopefully I’ll have so much more yet to show you. ^_^

Falayna, goddess of femininity, martial training, and rings. She is wearing armor and a colorful robe while wielding a sword.

Art by Hazem Ameen

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Paizo Employee Developer

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I realize that this blog is a tad late, and that's mostly on me. With preparations for other books, GenCon, and other factors in play, I let this slip just a bit later than we usually aim for, so sorry about that! It's here now, though, and I'm excited to celebrate our authors on Knights of Lastwall. I think they did a great job with fleshing out the organization into one that can stand alongside classic favorites like the Hellknights or Pathfinder Society. Here's to them!

Horizon Hunters

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Thanks for all the work and love! Since the release of the Lost Omens Character Guide I've been quite eager to learn more about this faction. Before Pathfinder Second Edition I didn't know anything about golarion, but each book in the Lost Omens line has captivated me more and more!

Radiant Oath

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Pathfinder Adventure Path, Companion, Lost Omens, Rulebook, Starfinder Adventure Path, Starfinder Roleplaying Game, Starfinder Society Subscriber

Like I said before, my favorite book in 2e so far, and these wonderful authors all made it happen! I love you folks and your work! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! <3

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This was so much fun to write!

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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber

Thanks for all the amazing work, its great to read this post and be able to put names to the various fantastic parts of this book, what a treat!

The part that got to me the most was probably Kazutal's entry (already one of my favourite goddesses) and her desire to reach out to her fellow Arcadian goddess, Arazni, when so many had abandoned her, so thank you Isabelle for that <3

Horizon Hunters

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I love the articles made about some of the Characters!

I loved Ileana, Clarethe, Khargig and Arazni's bio's!

Been going to write a Fic about their Adventures soon! :D

Hope to see such writing when you do Firebrands, and the Hell Knights soon!

Silver Crusade

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I love this book. I do not read many Paizo/Pathfinder books cover to cover but I did this one.

I hope this book inspires APs, Modules and Scenarios as it has inspired me too for homebrew stuff.

Silver Crusade

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Thanks Isabaella in particular (but also all the contributors)!

I'm so chuffed to have this book. Very important, and I'm excitedly trying to level my Shieldboss Smashing Mazludeh Champion (of the Paladin variety) into the Shining Sentinels faction (because of course, if a Gauntwood remains, they should be a Shining Example of Knighthood).

Thanks for a rousing read <3

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I'm always amazed how the Paizo and freelance authors can take something I'm not very interested in, in this case the Knights of Lastwall, and create a book that's so fun to read. Thank you!

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