April 2022 Organized Play Scenario Previews

Thursday, April 21, 2022

Hello, Starfinders!

This is it: the big one! The final scenario in the Year of the Data Scourge! And who better to write this big, bold, weird scenario than my beloved and talented predecessor: Jenny Jarzabski, mastermind of the Data Scourge!

Historia-Prime is unmasked, their base is located, and the Stewards launch an armada into space to save the Pact Worlds from the… wait, what? That’s right! The Stewards are going to take down Historia-Prime and the Starfinder Society isn’t invited!

Fortunately for our bold and adventurous players, Historia-Prime has other plans! As the Starfinders bemoan being left behind, a massive, monstrous starship attacks Absalom Station, destroying parts of the Armada and reigning destruction down on the Station. Helmed by Historia-Prime and featuring some familiar foes, it’s up to the Starfinders to enter the nanite starship, confront Historia-Prime, and put an end to the Data Scourge! Oh yeah, and save Absalom Station. Starfinder Society Scenario #4-16: Hope for the Future is a scenario for levels 5–8 written by Jenny Jarzabski.

I hope you join us in bringing the Year of the Data Scourge to an end!


Jessica Catalan
Starfinder Society Developer

Four-legged battle robot with glowing red face laser.

Illustration by Mark Molnar

Hail, Pathfinders! Port Valen requires a steady supply of heroes! Who better to provide them than the Pathfinder Society?

In the far northern reaches of Arcadia, the Pathfinder Society has come to an agreement with a fey guardian from the Forest of Trials. This guardian agrees to allow the Pathfinders to maintain a mystical portal connecting to their other lodges via the Maze of the Open Road. The guardian has one condition: to earn their favor, the Pathfinder Society must regularly send agents to perform heroic deeds!

Pathfinder Society Scenario #3-13: Guardian’s Covenant is a repeatable adventure for levels 3–6, written by veteran author Christopher Wasko. You can earn full credit for playing this repeatable adventure with as many different characters as you like. The adventure includes a variety of missions, as well as guidance for GMs to select the missions suitable for their group. Some of the missions have multiple variations, allowing for continued enjoyment (and some surprises!) on subsequent play-throughs.

Our second Pathfinder Society scenario in April continues the Year of Shattered Sanctuaries metaplot. Pathfinder Society Scenario #3-14: The Tomb Between Worlds is an adventure for levels 5–8 written by Jacob W. Michaels, another veteran freelancer. In this adventure, we return to Sothis, the capital of Osirion, where undead have been surging up from the basement of a Pathfinder Society lodge! Once again, the Society calls on some of its most experienced agents to fight back against this threat. This time, their adventure takes them to the mysterious Tomb Between Worlds. The stakes are high, and leaders from the Horizon Hunters and Vigilant Seal factions have traveled to Sothis to advise the Pathfinders on their expedition.

Will our intrepid explorers return from the strange tomb? I hope so, because the Year of Shattered Sanctuaries isn’t over yet, and we’ll be needing them again soon!

As always: Explore! Report! Cooperate!

Mike Kimmel
Pathfinder Society Developer

Imara, half-orc student wearing a broken helmet Fearsome Shadow Creature

Left to right, illustration of Imara by Fabio Rodrigues and illustration of shadow creature by Allan Santos da Silva

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Second Seekers (Jadnura) 5/55/55/55/5

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Looking forward to these both!

The Exchange 2/5 **** Venture-Agent, New Hampshire—Nashua

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I've got a Cleric itching to get back to Osirion and inflict some justice on those undead. Glad the wait isn't long! And more Arcadia (and replayables!) is always a good time.

(I really need to play more Starfinder, the headless spider-bot looks awesome!)

4/5 5/55/55/55/5

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I think it is awesome when one of my favourite writers (Jess Catz) is writing about one of my other favourites (Jenny Jabz) - how good is this current set up!

(Also big props to Chris - but please write more Starfinder kthx :))

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