Prepare Your RPG Superstar 2021 Monster Entry with Arcane Mark, Roll for Combat, and Nonat1s!

Friday, November 12, 2021

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On Thursday, November 11th at 5 PM Pacific/8 PM Eastern, Arcane Mark is teaming up with Nonat1s and Roll for Combat to bring you a special edition of one of the features from our stream, Build a Monster Workshop, hosted on the Nonat1s YouTube channel. Build a brand-new monster based on ideas and decisions you can vote for in chat! Then, catch Linda, Mark, Nonat1s, and Stephen talking about monster building in general, as well as the ongoing RPG Superstar Contest, the newly released Battlezoo Bestiary for Pathfinder, and more! Don't miss the live stream tonight!

Mark Seifter
Battlezoo Bestiary Developer & RPG Superstar Judge

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I still haven't submitted any monsters to this context :'D

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I'm hoping to submit a few as well! Still have a few weeks.

I don't care a whole much about the prize money, but I think I would just go bananas to get one snuck into next year's Bestiary. Gonna watch this video when I get the chance, and hopefully it will help me work out enough kinks!

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I was really excited about this contest, I thought it would be interesting to do creatures with interesting genders, creatures that can freely change gender/sex. One that the gender/sex changes as they age going through as many as 5 genders and sexes. The last one I was working on was a multi-head creature with each head having a separate gender/sex.

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I cannot enter this contest, but will cheer the rest of you on!


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Apologies for posting this one day late, but join in the fun! Direct link to the livestream recording.

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I look forward to seeing what comes up!

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I'm certainly going to make three entries, but I keep second guessing if they are 'Strange and Unusual' enough, especially after comparing them to an angel ooze!

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Don't forget, you only have ONE WEEK left to enter your best monsters to the RPG Superstar contest and win prizes and publication in the next Battlezoo Bestiary. Enter today!

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