Watch the Pathfinder One-Shot: Head-Shot the Rot Live Play Tonight!

Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Tonight, we premiere Pathfinder One-Shot: Headshot the Rot at 6 PM Pacific! We'll take a break at 7:30 Pacific for a special Paizo LIVE interview with Adam Bradford, Chief Development Officer at Demiplane, to learn more about Pathfinder Nexus!

Taking a much-needed relaxing break in between escapades, four gun-toting adventures post up in a dingy bar in one of Alkenstar's entertainment districts. Right across the street at a theater, people flood inside to catch the premiere of a highly-advertised play, but what comes out of the theater is far more dangerous. As people scatter to safety in the dusty streets, it’s up to the group of gunslingers in the bar to set things right.

Pathfinder Player characters face off with firearms against a hoard of zombies

Meet the Live-play Cast

Headshot of Adam Conn, he has red hair and a trimmed beard while wearing a black t-shirt

Adam Conn

Adam Conn hails from the many corners of The DaT Network. Starting way back in the days of Walking in Circles Season 2, Conn has now stepped out as one of the new co-online content creators of the DaT Network. He appeared in past adventures as Kimbulton and Castriel on Dragons and Things, Mooktin in Rise of the Runtlords and Kanon Featherbee in Department of Mysteries. You can currently find him on Harbingers as the best local fisherman Hadrian (Hadi) Marth and over on Norse Foundry's Twitch stream in vods of Fenrir Rising as Nix and their current live show, Alien Connections as Sergeant Trenton Barclow. And premiering Nov 14th, he will be in the GM seat for his Pathfinder show "Voyage of the Siren's Song", a pirate adventure set in the Skull and Shackles AP!

Headshot of Chelsea Bytes, she is wearing glasses and headphones with her curly hair swept to the side

Chelsea Bytes

ChelseaBytes is a singing, fun-focused, conversationalist who has a passion for tech, games, and anime, among many other things. Soon after she started streaming on Twitch 3 years ago, many viewers were surprised to find that she was a Computer Scientist, saying that she was too “loud” and “fun”. This Twitch Partner aims to show the world that Computer Scientists don’t look and act the way most people imagine.

ChelseaBytes plays a large variety of games over on her channel, but when she's not smashing heads in God of War or winning lane in League of Legends, her stream becomes a daytime TV show. This means cosplaying, hosting giveaways, playing Dungeons & Dragons, and cooking gourmet meals for her community, the ByteCommand. Nothing describes Chelsea's stream better than "Variety", and that variety is made up of ALL of her interests. Chelsea's performance doesn't stop at her own Channel. She is an official host of AMC's FearHQ Twitch channel (Re-Watching Dead, Play Dead, TWD Watchalong, etc.) and Amazon's Crown Channel (Fight Night, Chasing the Crown: Dreamers to Streamers, Clicksport-1, etc.), and has hosted events for companies such as Red Bull (Solo Q Tournament Series), Intel (Unboxing+PC Build), Netflix (TUDUM co-stream), and DTS (Multiple PC Builds/Giveaways), to name a few.

Not to be limited to her own stream/hosting, Chelsea spends any extra time guesting. She has had several appearances on D&D Actual Play series like PixelCircus’ "Damsels, Dice, and Everything Nice" and INDG’s "Dungeons & Durags". She was also invited as a Guest/Attending Professional to Dragon*Con 2021 where she co-hosted multiple panels focused on Digital Media. Not one to shy away from causes close to her heart, Chelsea has guested for several charity streams for important causes like "Color of Change" and "Rise Above the Disorder." Regardless of what genre she's in, what channel she's hosting for, or what event she's at, ChelseaBytes always throws herself fully into whatever she's doing.

Headshot of Michelle Nguyen Bradley, she stands in front of a pink gradient background make gesturing dramatically

Michelle Nguyen Bradley

Michelle Nguyen Bradley is a show host, voice actor, writer, and professional TTRPG player, and is passionate about fostering community and equality in the geek space. She's played characters like Hoa Sen on the Critical Role x Elder Scrolls Online RPG, a butterfly alien on Paizo's "Scoured Stars" campaign, Betty on the official Rat Queen's RPG (HyperRPG), a huntress wizard on The Department of Mysteries (Dragons and Things) and many more personas through her work on RPG shows. She's hosted geek content like Anime Expo Lite, "Manga Book Club" for Viz Media, and "Button Mash" on the Total Nerd Network. Michelle currently appears as a regular cast member for Paizo and Hunters Entertainment's weekly TTRPG shows on Twitch. Find her work at and follow her on all socials at @iamchubbybunny.

Headshot of Nathan Ondracek, smiling in front of a dark blue background while wearing a light blue t-shirt

Nathan Ondracek

Nathan Ondracek hails from the mighty land of Illinois, having since ventured to the bustling metropolis of Los Angeles some years ago. He is a herald and bringer of mirth, and has engaged in adventures told on tables for over five years, joining the ranks of Heroic Endeavors and other Vantam Tales, The Stuhm Bl’ahn Inn Stories, and The Quarantine Contingencies.

Translation: A man of the midwest, Nathan Ondracek is an actor, host, and improvisor based in Los Angeles. Since beginning his TTRPG journey in 2016, he has had the privilege of working with The DaT Network, Here Be Dragons, and Bedlam & Discord. Contrary to popular belief, his play-style and characters are not liabilities.

Headshot of Jim Rodehaver, standing in front of a dark background wearing a Dragons and Things t-shirt

GM:Jim Rodehaver

Jim Rodehaver writes and plays TTRPGs, sometimes during live-streams on The Dragons and Things Network ( He’s written content for Starfinder and Dungeon Crate, as well as all of the home-brewed adventures for his streamed games. Having GM'd over 200 live actual-play games of Pathfinder, Jim is looking forward to bringing his experience to the Paizo community first hand.

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Watch the live-play on tonight at 6 PM Pacific!

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Can't wait to see these wonderful people play! :3

Pathfinder Pathfinder Accessories Subscriber; Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber

I look forward to watching this on youtube. I'm east coast and it's past my bed time then. 3AM comes early every day!

Paizo Employee Marketing & Media Manager

H2Osw wrote:
I look forward to watching this on youtube. I'm east coast and it's past my bed time then. 3AM comes early every day!

I am taking some time off. Look for it next week. :)

Pathfinder Pathfinder Accessories Subscriber; Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber
Aaron Shanks wrote:
H2Osw wrote:
I look forward to watching this on youtube. I'm east coast and it's past my bed time then. 3AM comes early every day!
I am taking some time off. Look for it next week. :)

Will do, enjoy your time off!

I'm only 2 hours behind so its an 8 PM CST start time for me so I'm good to go and I bought this module as well, curious to see how it goes with this group!!


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This was a joy to watch! Lots of mayhem and cool to see the Gunslingers in action.

One of them knew the rules, woohoo! Yay for improvement.

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