Join us Tonight for Inferno Bloom, the Conclusion of the Pathfinder Secrets of Magic Liveplay!

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

When the Pathfinder Secrets of Magic Liveplay began, four esteemed graduates from the College of Mysteries in Absalom were sent to a tiny desert village in eastern Thuvia along the banks of the Junira River. Rumor had it that everyone in this small community had suddenly developed magical abilities. Power that, if left unchecked, might spell their doom. Perhaps more troubling, it seemed even those who just visited the town received powers as well!

In the Pathfinder Secrets of Magic Liveplay we asked, “Can these four spellslinging scholars work together to solve this mystery before rogue magic tears the place apart?”

the city of Zantir, built around a lively river, sits under the large glowing shape of a roaring dragon

Well tonight, the investigators finally get to the bottom of the mysterious magic given to the people of the small desert town, but if they’re to have any hope of stopping this calamity they have to face off against an incredibly powerful foe!

Join a halfling summoner, dwarf wizard, half-elf magus, and kitsune witch for a last look at the exciting new content in the Pathfinder Secrets of Magic rulebook and watch as they uncover the true danger that awaits them in the sands of Thuvia!

Pathfinder Secrets of Magic livestream promo featuring the player characters. Left to right, Hachi the kitsume, Ingot the dwarf, Fairel the halfling, and Dond Oom the half elf


Your heroes are:

Meet the Cast! | See the Character Art!

Watch the premiere on YouTube or listen to the podcast on Amazon Music, iHeart Radio, iTunes, Listen Notes, Player FM, PodBean, and Spotify!

You might especially like to follow along while referencing all the new Pathfinder Secrets of Magic open-source rules content on our partner site, Archives of Nethys.

Catch the last episode of this unique, 10-episode actual-play show as it concludes tonight at 6 pm Pacific!

Join us on!

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“This is the End…”

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That dadgum dragon really has been in the art the entire time.

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