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Thursday, July 22nd, 2021

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Venture Captain Hilo Beruta, a dark skinned, bearded, barefoot, man in blue and yellow robes, summoning a small ball of fire between his hands

Artist Beatrice Pellagatti.

I apologize for that, Starfinders. With Guidance still shut-down, it’s tricky to get intel to all of you agents out in the field. Don’t worry, though—tech issues won’t stop us from exploring the stars! I’ve pulled the available information about your next two available missions. Be careful out there, Starfinders!

Author Rigby Bendele takes the Society to Verces, where Celita hopes to recruit an infamous hacktivist to help solve the Data Scourge digital attacks. Starfinder Society #4-04: Mission Not Found is best suited to a team with technological expertise and diplomatic inclinations. Don’t forget that Verces has been hit hard by the Data Scourge, so pack extra ammo and be ready for anything.

Novice agents get a call to action when reclusive Venture-Captain Hilo Beruta tasks them with investigating a mysterious relic that can seemingly transport beings to different locations across the multiverse. What new worlds will these brave Starfinders discover? Starfinder Society #4-05: A Waltz Through Myriad Worlds is a collection of four quests written by four up-and-coming Starfinder authors: Fabby Garza, Alexi J. Greer, Katrina Hennessy, and Quinn Murphy.

See you in space,

Jenny Jarzabski
Starfinder Society Developer

Meanwhile, down here in Pathfinder Society land (also known as Golarion), we get our mission intel from written correspondence on plain old-fashioned parchment! We’ve received word of two critical missions coming up for Pathfinder Society agents. Time for adventure!

A dark skinned, malevolent spirit. They are wearing ragged robes that hang as they float off the ground with no visible feet, and one flaming red eye.

Artist Samuel Jr.

While on a routine mission to catalogue a noble family’s heirlooms in Cheliax’s port city of Hinji, a team of novice Pathfinder agents went missing! Suspecting foul play, the Society dispatches a more experienced group to find these agents—or their remains—and put a stop to whoever might be hunting hapless Pathfinders in the streets of Hinji. Pathfinder Society Scenario #2-23: An Agent’s Obligation is an adventure for levels 3–6 written by Joshua Hennington.

When the Pathfinder Society’s leaders first set their sights on distant Iobaria, they planned to establish a new lodge and solidify the Society’s reputation as the preeminent group of modern day adventurers and explorers. They knew the region was dangerous and had an extensive history—but they couldn’t have anticipated the true extent of what they would discover there. Take part in the dramatic conclusion to the Year of Corruption’s Reach in Pathfinder Society Scenario #2-24: Breaking the Storm: Parting Clouds, an adventure for levels 7–10 written by Tineke Bolleman.

Speaking of written correspondence, it looks like there’s a bunch of mail piling up from several prominent Inner Sea lodges. Some of it looks urgent, but I’m sure it can wait another month or so while we handle these other critical matters. Everything is fine.

Explore! Report! Cooperate! And try to stay alive!

Mike Kimmel
Pathfinder Society Developer

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Getting close to season 3!

Second Seekers (Jadnura) 5/55/55/55/5

I love the premise of SFS 4-04!

Envoy's Alliance 1/5 ****

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Congrats Joshua!!

Looking forward to Agent's Obligation. Hope i can squeeze in an author table somewhere in the near future!

3/5 **

Looks interesting.

Scarab Sages 5/5 5/5 *** Venture-Captain, Netherlands

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Aw, look at him, he clearly wants a hug.

1/5 5/5

Tineke Bolleman wrote:
Aw, look at him, he clearly wants a hug.

And here I was thinking he was just throwing up his arms in an 'out of effs to give' tier of frustration...

Scarab Sages 5/5 5/5 *** Venture-Captain, Netherlands

GM Wageslave wrote:
Tineke Bolleman wrote:
Aw, look at him, he clearly wants a hug.
And here I was thinking he was just throwing up his arms in an 'out of effs to give' tier of frustration...

Its why he needs the hug. Someone needs to reassure him its all gonna be all right ;)

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