Pathfinder Society: Year 3 Announcement

Thursday, June 10, 2021

Two white haired, fetchlings in dark clothes wielding daggers face off against a fully armored goblin and a grey and white robed caster

Artist: Maurice Risulmi

With the Pathfinder Society’s attention focused on distant lands as of late, new threats have arisen closer to home. The Grand Lodge is suddenly overwhelmed with desperate calls for aid from lodges across the Inner Sea—and from the Society’s allies within the city of Absalom itself! Are these unrelated events, or a unified effort to undermine the Pathfinder Society? Whatever their origin, one thing is certain: if left unchecked, these threats may topple some of the Society’s greatest lodges and alliances!

Prepare for the Year of Shattered Sanctuaries.

Pathfinder Society year three symbol, shattered on the ground

artist Maurice Risulmi

A special image will indicate the scenarios that directly influence the Shattered Sanctuaries metaplot. Scenarios without this branding are stand-alone adventures that don’t tie directly to the events of the Year of Shattered Sanctuaries. The introduction to the metaplot is an adventure by Mike Kimmel (hey, that’s me!), titled “Year of Shattered Sanctuaries.” It’s a full-length scenario for characters of levels 1–4.

Pathfinder Society Agnostic symbol. A circle with arrows pointing in the four cardinal directions with four smaller arrows pointing out between the four larger arrows

Paizo Art Team

The Year of Shattered Sanctuaries debuts at PaizoCon Europe Online 2021 (August 19–22), along with two other full-length introductory scenarios for characters of levels 1–2, much like the launch of Starfinder Society Year 4 at PaizoCon Online in May. Stay tuned for more information, and some answers to frequently asked questions, in next week’s blog!

Hungry for more info? Worried your sanctuaries are no longer safe?! (Hint: they’re not.) Tune into the Danger Club Podcast on June 16th at 11 am Pacific/7 pm GMT to hear me chat with Dan Thompson about Pathfinder Society Year 3! You can find the podcast at

As always: explore, report, cooperate!

Mike Kimmel
Pathfinder Society Developer

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