PaizoCon 2021: Secrets of Magic

Wednesday, June 9, 2021

The PaizoCon Online 2021 panels are going up on Youtube, so you can watch them again or see what you missed. You can already watch the Keynote Revelations, Starfinder Galaxy Exploration Manual panels, and PaizoCon Liveplays, Fists of the Ruby Phoenix Adventure Path —and now Pathfinder Secrets of Magic with a bonus interview with the Pathfinder Lead Designer!

Behind the Pages: Secrets

Discover the real-life secrets behind our upcoming release, Pathfinder Secrets of Magic! Authors Logan Bonner and Mark Seifter and Editing Lead Avi Kool dish out behind-the-scenes stories, insights into the way we built the book from concept to execution, and new reveals!

Tales from the Page: Know Direction Interview with Pathfinder Designer Logan Bonner

Know Direction staff members Jefferson “Perram” Thacker and Loren Sieg interview Pathfinder Designer Logan Bonner.

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Pathfinder Lost Omens, Rulebook Subscriber

Logan's opening comment about making a book that would be fun to read, not just to scrape for content to throw on Archives of Nethys, is possibly the main reason I'm SO excited for this book. THIS is the stuff I want to see more of.

Grand Lodge

Can't wait for this to come out.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Charter Superscriber

I am so hype for this book! Thank you posting these videos.

Sovereign Court

I was sad they didn't say anything about the primary occult caster, bard. Like, they mentioned a new cantrip, Haunting Hymn, which got me super excited but then said it's a Divine spell... Or maybe both. It wasn't clear. I hope it's Divine AND Occult because that sounds like an awesome bard spell.

It just felt like they went through the spells and were like Arcane > Divine > Primal and then pulled a John Travolta on Occult...

Seriously though, I get boiling a 250 page book down to 57 minutes is going to leave some things out. I think I'm just spoiled from being a bard in 1st edition where every new book had a bard archetype :).

That said, everything sounds amazeballs, I'm just hoping for some bard magic love.

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will there not be any new sorcerer bloodslines? Im hopin for something akin to starsoul.

alaiziadarkstar wrote:
will there not be any new sorcerer bloodslines? Im hopin for something akin to starsoul.

The only class options exclusive to one class in this book will be the new Druid Orders and the new Monk Stances from the Elementalism section of the Book of Unlimited Magic, and the Runelord class archetype which is exclusive to wizards.

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Pathfinder Adventure Path, Lost Omens, Rulebook Subscriber

I really like the fact that they've added role-playing notes in some of the sections in regards to how people in Golarion may see you or refer to you as based on some of your options. It's a neat note that presents some of these options with their own identity and immediately helps one understand what kind of character someone is playing.

The examples given with Flexible Preparation waere very neat: Flexible Druids are Feycallers; Flexible Clerics are Ecclesiast; Flexible Witches are Invokers; and I assume Flexible Wizards will possibly be called Arcanist (given context clues).

I hope to see more of this in the future where it makes sense to do. I think a good place for something like this again would be the Gunslinger. I know many people who choose to void guns in their game, but still allow the class will likely take issue with calling their crossbow slinging characters a Gunslinger. Personally, I'll be referring to them as Arbalist, unless some other official title is given.

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