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Monday, June 7, 2021

PaizoCon 2021 saw the release of two brand new adventures, plus two more shows by 2 Perception and QueueTimes. Check out what you missed!

Starfinder One-Shot: Band on the Run

The members of the up-and-coming rock band Neon & Noqual are all set for the career-making opportunity to play at the Pact Worlds' biggest concert venue! But when their rickety starbus breaks down with mere hours left in the journey, the musicians will have to pack up their instruments and hitch a ride or two through the asteroids of the Diaspora. Will the power of music help them get to the gig on time, or will they miss their shot at making it big?

Fan-favorites Xander Jeanneret, Katie Wilson, Gabe Hicks, and Michelle Nguyen Bradley reunite for another evening of mischief and mayhem, this time as they take their Band on the Run!

Pathfinder One-Shot: Dinner at Lionlodge

Invited to attend a grand dinner at an isolated hunting lodge, the PCs are in for a treat. Initially called forth to go on an exciting hunt the following day, an uncomfortable meal causes some trepidation. The eccentric hunter who inhabits the lodge has other plans for his guests. Can the group figure out what's going on before their dinner is ruined?

GM Troy Lavallee of The Glass Cannon Network takes fellow podcasters Alicia Marie, Skid Maher, Noura Ibrahim, and Joe O’Brien through the second Pathfinder One-Shot Dinner at Lionlodge, written by James Jacobs.


Join the cast of QueueTimes and Paizo Organized Play Managing Developer Linda Zayas-Palmer as they step in the shoes of 20th-level characters being pulled from retirement to save the world one last time.

2 Perception: Old Debts Come True

The 2 Perception team head to the backwoods of rural Ustalav... not intentionally, of course! These unlikely heroes find themselves hunted by a beast lurking in the woods and have no chance to survive if they can't figure out how to fight against it. "Old Debts Come Due" is a 1st-level one-shot adventure where the goal is clear: Fight off the creature or become its next meal!

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Huzzah! Now that I have played it, I should watch the live play of the 2nd Pathfinder One Shot! :O

Are these available as audio only downloads or on any podcasts?

Paizo Employee Director of Brand Strategy

Ballistic101 wrote:
Are these available as audio only downloads or on any podcasts?

Not officially, but there are a number of free tools you can use to download MP3 versions of YouTube content if you prefer to listen to them offline.

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