Community Blog: Celebrating Mother’s Day

Tuesday, May 4, 2021

In today’s blog we honor and acknowledge all of the mothers who enrich our community with their presence. The journey of motherhood can mean very different things to different people and can also be a very emotional time to many of us for so many different reasons. This Mother’s Day, we recognize and thank the mothers; seen and unseen, with children or without, who have blessed our community by being part of it. We wish all of you a day of peace, joy, and love.

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She moves quietly through the house, gathering up clothes and traveling supplies and placing them near her backpack. She retrieves a ragdoll from under the bed, looks at it a moment, then tucks it near her child ensconced in the pile of quilts. Her partner adds a packet of bread and cheese wrapped in waxed cloth to the pile near the pack, then gives her a soft smile before turning back to the cooking area.

“Do you want corn as well as beans dear?” her partner asks softly, careful not to wake the sleeping child in the bed. Naptime is important and neither of them want to confront the fury of an abruptly woken child.

“If we’ve some ground corn, I would take that, but do not want the weight of a quern in my pack and am unsure if I will find mills on my journey.”

The partner checks the crock of ground corn, then empties it into an empty small sack and places the first sack into a second. “There was plenty of ground corn for you to take. I’ve put it in two bags to keep it from spilling through the loose weave of the bag.”

They continue in this manner for some minutes, then stop and look at each other.

“I’ll miss you,” she says.

“As much as I’ll miss you,” her partner replies. They embrace, taking time to breath deep within the circle of each other’s arms. “Stay safe and come back to us when you’ve finished your tasks. We will be here waiting.” Her partner leans forward, placing a gentle kiss on her forehead. “That is from me.” Another kiss. “That is from our child.”

She hugs her partner tight, squeezing firmly, for a few more heartbeats, then opens her arms. She returns to packing, moving faster and more determined. Nodding at the stack of assembled items, she turns to her partner. “I’d like to take your tan sweater, if you don’t mind. It will keep you close as I complete my tasks.”

“Of course, but I’m wearing your blue one while you are gone!”

She grins. “I would expect no less.”

They finish packing, checking the weight and balance of the pack. At last, all preparations are done and they sit to have a cup of tea and wait for the small being to wake. It doesn’t take long, as if the child senses the lack of activity in the home.

“Mom!” The child cries abruptly, before sitting up and blinking as they orientate themselves to their location. They hop out of bed and runs to where the adults are sitting. After a few minutes of cuddling between the trio, the child wiggles free.

Her partner bustles about, pouring some berries from a basket on a shelf onto a wooden plate and adding a slice of bread, slathering it with butter and dripping honey over the surface. They place the plate in front of the child, who greedily starts munching the snack.

“It’s time.” She looks to her partner, who nods in agreement.

“It is.”

“I love you both,” she exclaims as she plants a kiss on the top of the child’s head, then kneels in front of the child. “I have to go for a few days. I should return before the next moon cycle. You stay safe until I get back.”

The child nods and continues eating, attention focused on the consumption of food.

She sighs softly. “The others are probably waiting. Best go now.”

“Find what is harming the herds, slay the beast, then come back to us.” Her partner gives her one quick hug, then crosses the room and opens the door.

“As fast as I can safely do so.” She picks up the pack and slings its straps over her shoulders. Then she reaches for the sword suspended from a belt on the peg near the door. She buckles it on as she takes one last look around the room, then kisses her partner gently on the lips and strides through the door.

To all mothers in our greater community, we thank you for enriching our community with your presence. May you have good times gaming with friends and family, a relaxing day, and a wonderful year.

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I’m not crying there’s just a lot of pollen...

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Is it really Mother’s Day if we don’t celebrate Venture Mommy Tonya? :P

Second Seekers (Jadnura)

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I have allergies acting up as well ...

Wayfinders Contributor

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What a sweet story! I appreciated seeing the adventuring mom. Who is the author?

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...a twisted part of me wonders if Mother's Day is a Lamashtu holiday in Golarion.

Lantern Lodge Customer Service & Community Manager

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Hilary Moon Murphy wrote:
What a sweet story! I appreciated seeing the adventuring mom. Who is the author?

Tonya is the author of the fiction, and I assisted with the intro. I'm glad to see folks are enjoying it!

Paizo Employee Organized Play Manager

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NicoleH wrote:
Is it really Mother’s Day if we don’t celebrate Venture Mommy Tonya? :P

Awww...sweet! :heart: Earning that nickname is one of my proudest accomplishments.


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What a lovely story!

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