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Saturday, March 06, 2021

Pathfinder Sundered Waves: Iconic fighter Valeros faces off against a giant skeleton

Today’s debut of Sundered Waves marks the first appearance of a brand new type of Paizo digital adventure--the One-Shot! Written by Paizo’s Director of Game Design, Jason Bulmahn, Sundered Waves features a jaunt through a pirate’s puzzle-filled dungeon, and is the first release in a new downloadable adventure line!

One-Shots provide single-session adventures designed to fill 3–4 hours of game play. Each includes pregenerated characters to make it easy to jump into the action right away. These aren’t just character sheets, though, they’re beautifully illustrated and fully-developed characters with backstories related to the adventure that make for great cooperative storytelling around your gaming table.

Download Free Pregenerated Characters

Sundered Waves pregenerated characters featuring Lavanna Saltspray, a long hair halfling dressed in blue and white, holding a trident; and Kaako Ashfeather, a tengu sailor dressed for the sea

As we’ve embraced more digital initiatives, we know that the ability to present gaming content in a digital form is an important component to gaming these days, and One-Shots provide what you need to play on virtual tabletops and across other platforms of your choice. To celebrate the launch of the One-Shots line, we’ve also created some wallpaper for your mobile and desktop devices.

Sundered Waves Wallpaper Download

The Paizo One-Shots join the rest of our adventuring line-up:

Adventures (Pathfinder | Starfinder): Focused adventures covering several levels and sessions of play.

Adventure Paths (Pathfinder | Starfinder): Multiple volumes of adventure and background content comprising a linked campaign of epic scale.

Bounties: 1-hour-long Pathfinder side treks perfect to add to any campaign (and which work great as a quick demo!).

Scenarios (Pathfinder Society | Starfinder Society): An episodic story shared with thousands of other gamers through Paizo Organized Play.

Pathfinder One-Shot: Sundered Waves is the first of this product line and available for download at the Paizo Store right now! We hope that you’ll join us for this pirate adventure; it’s what our dear, departed Captain Renlock would have wanted!

We’ll follow that up with two more new One-Shot releases at PaizoCon 2021 — one for Pathfinder and one for Starfinder. You’ll hear more details about those in the weeks to come.

And now some Q&A…

Will Paizo One-Shots be available as a subscription or in print? We don’t have any plans to offer these adventures as a subscription or print product.

Will these be available on virtual tabletops? With the high-resolution maps and image handouts included these should be easy to add to your favorite virtual tabletop. Fantasy Grounds plans to have these available today, with other partners working on making these available natively on their platforms. Make sure to check in with your favorite VTT for an update.

Will these One-Shots be sanctioned by Organized Play? Indeed they will be; in fact, you can download the sanctioning documents for Sundered Waves right here! We are adding the May releases to the PaizoCon schedule.

In celebration of this new release, Pathfinder Society Organized Play will be running a special Double Points weekend for Sundered Waves! All sessions of Sundered Waves run this weekend, March 12-14, will earn double the Achievement Points (8 points for players, 16 for GMs). Games must be reported by 9am Pacific on Wednesday, March 17; any games reported after that will not earn double points. Play-by-post games which begin during the weekend will also qualify; those GMs should email after their games conclude and are reported to earn the additional rewards.

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nephandys wrote:
The potency crystal won't stack with the weapon potency rune because they're both item bonuses to the attack roll.

Good point. So either he doesn't have a potency rune or he doesn't care that it's redundant. :-)

Scarab Sages

The Striking part of the crystal would still work.

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Grand Archive

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Also, "she".
Kaako is a woman.

Kaako's backstory wrote:
Hatched under an auspicious sign, Kaako’s parents pronounced her a jinx-eater, one who might consume the ill fortune falling over the crew and bring them good luck.

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In the interests of not getting this thread locked, can this discussion be dropped? We, as a forum, have not proven able to handle this kind of conversation without flame wars.

Note: This is not to imply anyone has said anything offensive or wrong so far, but I am worried it could go up in flames real quick.

Lantern Lodge Customer Service & Community Manager

Temp closing so I can look through the flags here and see what is going on.

Lantern Lodge Customer Service & Community Manager

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Reopening the thread after removing a tangent. This is not the thread to debate which ancestries get to use the descriptive use of the term "woman".

Grand Lodge

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Hey, the moderators haven't all disappeared after-all :-D

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I can be pretty critical of certain adventures but as a concept this seems excellent?

It’s a digital product so it can be the size it needs to be. Adventures often get cut up in weird ways (or padded out with unnecessary content) to match the particular physics of printing.

Since it’s digital they can release it in beta state and later correct issues. I think there’s a lot of resistance to that when there is a physical product. Nobody’s miffed (somebody on the internet probably is) if they have to download it again in a few weeks with corrections. If it’s a huge hit or something they can always make a deluxe print of the most popular ones later?

It’s cheaper obviously.

It’s a nice alternative to PFS, which is highly structured and usually extremely generic.

It’s a nice alternative to buying 5e or OSR adventures for 5$ and converting them.

As someone who thinks planescape torment was the best ttrpg in crpt form I like an adventure that’s specific to the characters. You can do a lot with some design constraints. A group of foundlings who were raised by witches and are coming back to their sacred tree now that the forces of darkness have overtaken it is much more flavorful than... there’s this tree with some evil monsters in it. You get a lot more drama and flavor.

They can cover areas of the world / types of adventures that wouldn’t fit in APs or PFS.

It’s probably going to be attractive to streamers since it’s a complete package.

It’s probably going to be attractive to pbp because it’s got a lot of flavor but isn’t as looong as APs and doesn’t have all the PFS hoops to jump through and weird extra rules.

It’s nice they’re making non-iconic iconics?

It’s not replacing any products lines, it’s not encroaching overmuch (at all?) on any other products....

I literally can’t think about anything bad. Seems perfect?

Paizo Employee Marketing & Media Manager

Sundered Waves in now available on both Fantasy Grounds and Roll20.

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