Paizo People, February 2021

Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Join us in celebrating these staff additions and promotions since our last blog in April 2020! (Variations in the content are because employees were given the option to opt-in.)

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New hires:

Raychael Allor, Customer Service (December 21) – Hi! I’m Raychael (she/her; pronounced like ‘Rachel’, thanks mom) and I’ve been playing TTRPGs regularly for about 5 years. I also spend a lot of free time either playing CRPGs and MMOs or reading horror fiction. My Twitter handle is @AnnonInGelydh and mostly contains retweets about mental health, cats (I have 3), and dice (I don’t have enough).

Alex Crain, Warehouse Associate

Rian Davenport, Customer Service

Addley C. Fannin, Editor – Greetings, internet. I’m Addley (they/them), a long-time gamer, forever GM, and font of useless information. I once lived in Alaska and wrote book reviews. Now I’m in Seattle, and couldn’t be more excited to help edit Pathfinder and Starfinder. My Twitter doesn’t have much yet but y’all can still follow @fannin_addleyc

Heather Fantasia, Customer Service (December 28th) – Hi everyone! I wear many hats, working at Paizo is the latest! I’m also a barista, vocal instructor, yoga enthusiast, yarn wrangler, mom, pet mom...

Keith Greer, Customer Service (October 2020), (he/him) – PNW Native+For Life; I’ve been playing RPG’s (analog and digital) since the 80s, and making dark and heavy music since the 90s; I spend my spare time playing World of Warcraft, watching horror movies, and raising my kids (to hopefully do the same).

Logan Harper, Customer Service – Hi! I’m Logan (she/her). I’m a bit of a hobbit who you can usually find curled up with my pups watching movies. Or if it's Sunday then I’m battling monsters with The Tribe in our online game. The rest of my downtime is spent recording voiceover auditions and episodes for The Barking Bard Podcast with my partner. Feel free to follow me on Twitter @LoganHarper_

Kyle Hunter, Art Director (November) (he/him) – After about 15 years, I’m back! I was part of the original WotC Periodicals crew that split off to form Paizo. Even stranger, I worked with Sarah and Sonja on Nintendo Power in the 1990s! Wrote and drew the comic Downer in the later days of Dungeon Magazine. In addition to designing the Paizo logo, I created the droid manufacturing logos for Star Wars.

Jenny Jarzabski, Starfinder Society Developer – Hi, I’m Jenny (she/her). I’m a long-time Paizo freelancer and gamer who’s thrilled to have officially joined the team. When I’m not playing games, I’m probably outside. I love the great outdoors—cycling, hiking, and rock climbing are some of my favorite activities. I sometimes ramble about various topics on Twitter, @jenjski. See you in space!

Mike Kimmel, Organized Play Developer (January 4) – Hello! I’m Mike Kimmel (he/him), the newest member of the Organized Play team. I’ve been a GM for 20+ years and I love teaching people how to play games. You can witness my Twitter shenanigans at @_MikeKimmel.

James Mafi, Warehouse Associate

Lee Rucker, Project Coordinator – Hello! I’m Lee (they/them). When I’m not wrangling projects, I mostly spend my time playing games (all kinds), hanging with friends (digitally these days), and reading. I hope to utilize my skills in organizing, process improvement, and planning to help make everyone’s lives less stressful here.

Levi Steadman, Tech – Hello, I’m Levi (he/him). I’m a Michigander who has been playing Pathfinder for half his life adjusting to my new life here in the PNW. I’ve joined the team to help with the QA process for the website and automated some of the monotonous QA tasks that tend to slow things down. When I’m not doing my day job or playing Pathfinder I’m almost always playing MMOs with my wife and our friends back in Michigan.

Title changes:

James Case (he/him): Pathfinder Society Developer to Designer. Twitter: @toriariaria

Adam Daigle (he/him): Managing Developer to Director of Game Development—As I mentioned in my teary blog this past summer, when Amanda left us for other ventures, I took over management of the Starfinder development team in addition to the Pathfinder development team. Now I have the duty and honor of managing the development of both of our games, and this new title represents that. It’s weird that I was a fan and freelancer posting on our messageboards less than ten years ago. I’ve been stoked to see so many awesome new people joining us and seeing other people rising through the ranks to well-deserved positions.

Leo Glass: Senior Editor to Managing Editor

Thurston Hillman: Starfinder Society Developer to Pathfinder Society Developer

Jenny Jarzabski: Organized Play Developer to Starfinder Society Developer

Scott Keim: Data Entry Clerk to Financial Operations Specialist

Avi Kool (they/them): Editor to Senior Editor
After working on Pathfinder Second Edition since the playtest, I have a huge amount of love for the system and the stories it empowers us to tell. I can’t wait to lead the Editing team on the Pathfinder line to further explore the way the game works as well as the world of Golarion and the people who inhabit it.

When I’m not editing, I enjoy learning about nature, cross-stitching, watching horror movies, and petting my dog. I am the company’s resident expert on bears, for which I have no certifications whatsoever. You can find me talking about bears and making tabletop RPGs queer on Twitter at @legalizegoblins.

Heather Payne: Warehouse Associate to Warehouse Distribution Lead

Lu Pellazar Editor to Senior Editor

Michael Sayre: Pathfinder Society Developer to Designer

Jeff Strand: Shipping Manager to Warehouse Manager

Kevin Underwood Warehouse Associate to Logistics Coordinator

Diego Valdez: Customer Service Representative to Customer Service Lead

Most Paizo employees continue to work from home and we have no return date scheduled. Many of us have yet to meet face-to-face, but we have Happy Hours every other Friday hosted by Devinne Caples, our HR Generalist. This also means our Customer Service team is unable to take calls directly in the office they continue to work via email, the forums, and the main Paizo voicemail box. We thank you for your support, patience, and patronage.

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Congratulations to all the hires and promoted folks! I really appreciate the introductions of so many interesting people. It makes me feel excited that my favorite company is in good hands.


Hello, new folks! Congratulations, promoted folks!

Second Seekers (Jadnura)

Congratulations everyone! So great seeing all the new hires!

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Charter Superscriber

Congrats to all!!

Silver Crusade

Congratulations to the promotions! Welcome to the community for the new staff members.


congrats all!

Scarab Sages

So many new lovely people <3

And congratulations to all for the new roles!

Liberty's Edge

Kyle's back? VERY nice!

Director of GAME Dev?!! Check out the Big Title on Adam. [Nice, dude].

Congrats and welcome!

Additional encouragement for all y'all who are learning new jobs and positions remotely.

Congrats to everyone!


Congratulations, everyone!

Congrats to all!

Kyle's mention of Nintendo Power brought back memories (actually, more like the shadow of a memory).

Wayfinders Contributor

Hello to all the new and old faces!


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