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Wednesday, January 27, 2021

This month sees the near-completion of the set of Pathfinder rulebooks in popular Pocket Edition. Adventures hooks include favors for a friend, packages to deliver. and dangerous dungeons to delve!

Pathfinder Rulebooks

The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game puts you in the role of a brave adventurer, fighting to survive in a world beset by magic and evil! The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game line of products gives you the tools to enhance your own campaign—including hardcover rulebooks, monster and stat block volumes, and rules-focused supplements and accessories.

Pathfinder Gamemastery Guide Pocket Edition

Pathfinder Second Edition Game Mastery Guide Pocket Edition. A redheaded woman in armor stands on a set of steps in front of a black dragon

(8 x 6.5 inch softcover)

Make Your Game Your Own!
As the Game Master of a Pathfinder campaign, you’re the architect of your players’ adventures—a rewarding but sometimes challenging responsibility. With this book, your job just got a whole lot easier! Whether you’re building your own monsters and adventures, looking for new subsystems to play out cinematic chases or tense infiltrations, or simply want to speed up your game with scores of NPCs ready for action, the Gamemastery Guide has you covered!

Pathfinder Bestiary 2 Pocket Edition

Pathfinder Second Edition Bestiary 2 cover featuring a morlock and a ravager looming in the background

(8 x 6.5 inch softcover)

More Monsters, More Mayhem!
More than 300 menacing monsters and fearsome foes await within this compendium of creatures from the world of Pathfinder! From classic adversaries like giants, dragons, and the jabberwock to potential allies and servants suitable for summoners of every alignment, this must-have expansion to the Pathfinder Bestiary seethes with enemies to challenge characters of any level.

Starfinder Adventure Path

Whether you’re looking for space opera, intrigue, horror, or bug-killing adventures in the stars, Starfinder Adventure Paths can launch you into science-fantasy adventures that will build a lifetime of memories. Each 64-page volume comes with all of the aliens, NPCs, and lore you’ll need to run the game.

Fly Free or Die Adventure Path

A crew of scoundrels, rogues, and misfits finds it hard to survive in a galaxy where everyone has a price. Targeted by a crime boss and his army of enforcers, preyed upon by faceless mega-corporations, and hounded by rivals, the crew of the Free Trader Oliphaunt line up the big score that will at last make them rich beyond their wildest dreams. But when their many enemies join forces and the crew loses it all, they find out there's two things in the galaxy that can't be bought: freedom... and revenge.

Professional Courtesy (Fly Free or Die 3 of 6)

Starfinder Iconic Vanguard Velloro, and Iconic Biohacker Barsala battle suited enemies under water

In Over Your Head
Time is money out in the Vast, and when someone asks for a favor, usually you go along only for the payout. But Tarika, who has helped you make a living out here in the depths of space, needs a favor—her daughter has gone missing on a remote water world, and she needs you to find her. There’s no money in it, but maybe this time you can make an exception. Let’s hope you don’t regret it!

Pathfinder Adventure Path

Make every game session epic with a series of adventures designed to take your characters from levels 1-20. Released monthly, each 96-page adventure provides Game Masters with the story, NPCs, monsters, magic, and more that they need to make sure every encounter is memorable.

Abomination Vaults Adventure Path

Enter the megadungeon! Evil stirs in the depths of the Abomination Vaults, a sprawling dungeon where the evil sorcerer Belcorra Haruvex attempted to raise an army of monsters hundreds of years ago. Brave heroes must venture into a dungeon full of beasts and traps to prevent a spiteful villain from rising again. The Abomination Vaults Adventure Path is a three-part, monthly series of connected adventures that comprise a complete Pathfinder campaign.

Ruins of Gauntlight (Abomination Vaults 1 of 3)

Pathfinder Iconics  kyra and merisiel battling their way out of a dungeon against a small hoard of Morlocks

Enter the megadungeon!
When the mysterious lighthouse called Gauntlight glows with baleful light, the people of Otari know it’s an ominous prelude to sinister events. The town’s newest heroes must explore the ruins around the lighthouse and delve down into the dungeon levels beneath it. Hideous monsters, deadly traps, and vengeful ghosts all await the heroes who dare to enter the sprawling megadungeon called the Abomination Vaults! The Abomination Vaults Adventure Path begins with “Ruins of Gauntlight,” a complete adventure for 1st- to 4th-level characters.

Starfinder Accessories

Looking to take your Starfinder game out of this world? Check out dice, pins, plush, and more that add that extra bit of flair to each game session.

Starfinder Pawns: Starship Operations Manual Pawn Collection

Starship Operations Manual Pawn Collection. Spaceship pawn and box cover overlay over an illustration of a multi-ship deep space battle

Buckle up!
A vast armada of starship pawns blast their way onto your tabletop in the latest Starfinder Pawns collection! The Starfinder Pawns: Starship Operations Manual Pawn Collection presents more than 100 stunning full-color images of starships, from agile interceptors to enormous dreadnoughts. Printed on sturdy cardstock, each double-sided pawn slots into a 1-inch plastic base from the Starfinder Pawns Base Assortment, making them easy to mix with traditional metal or plastic miniatures.

Pathfinder Accessories

From maps and dice to miniatures and pawns, Game Masters and players alike will find must-have essentials to augment their gaming experience.

Pathfinder Spell Cards: Advanced Player's Guide

Pathfinder Advanced Player's Guide spell cards featuring  Feiya the iconic witch

Expand the array of magic at your fingertips with Pathfinder Spell Cards: Advanced Player's Guide! This must-have accessory for spellcasting characters contains more than 150 spell reference cards, containing the spells from every tradition and all focus spells from the Pathfinder Advanced Player's Guide in one place, giving you immediate access to key game details without flipping pages.

Starfinder Maps

Enhance your science-fantasy experience with beautifully illustrated and detailed pre-made maps! Starfinder Flip-Mats give you a variety of full-color, miniature-scale play surfaces that can withstand use and virtually any kind of marker. Why worry about missing the latest and greatest Starfinder map?

Starfinder Flip-Mat: Planetary Atmosphere

Starfinder Planetary Atmosphere featuring two flip maps of a cloudy atmosphere and a clear sky looking down on a mountain range

Whether the heroes are landing their starship to explore a newly discovered world or dogfighting in the skies in individual starfighters, Paizo's latest Starfinder Flip-Mat has you covered. This line of gaming maps provides ready-to-use science-fantasy set pieces for the busy Game Master. Featuring a hex grid for Starfinder's unique starship combat system, this extra-large, double-sided map comes with two different backgrounds—the thick clouds of a gas giant and a high-altitude view of a terrestrial world's topography—to let you craft epic atmospheric starship battles and fire your players' imaginations.

Pathfinder Maps

Enhance your campaign with beautifully illustrated and detailed pre-made maps! Pathfinder Maps give you a variety of full color, miniature scale play surfaces that can withstand use and virtually any kind of marker. Releases in the Pathfinder Maps subscription include Flip-Mats (double-sided 24" x 30" gaming mats) and Bigger Flip-Mats (double-sided 27" x 39" gaming mats), as well as Flip-Tiles (themed 6" x 6" map tiles you can rearrange to fit your encounter).

Pathfinder Flip-Mat: City Sites Multi-Pack

Pathfinder city site flip mat featuring a top down view of a market square

Whether your players are just arriving in town, heading out for some shopping, carousing at a local tavern, or fighting for their lives in the back alleys, Pathfinder Flip-Mat: City Sites Multi-Pack has you covered. This set's four sides each feature a different city location where mayhem and trouble is likely to break out. Whether you need a bustling marketplace, a popular tavern, a twisting tangle of alleys in the worst part of town, or a busy urban waterfront, you'll find a suitable map in this pack.

Pathfinder Bounties

Pathfinder Bounties are one hour, one-shot PDF adventures created by the Paizo Organized Play team for everyone to enjoy. While the content is sanctioned for use in the Pathfinder Society (second edition) Organized Play program it can also be dropped into any Lost Omens or homebrew campaign. They are perfect for players and streamers to want to step into Pathfinder!

Pathfinder Bounty #6: The Road from Otari

Pathfinder Bounties featuring a wanted sign with a print of a forest path on the main flyer

Hired to deliver packages from the small fishing village of Otari to the metropolis of Absalom, the PCs encounter halfling traders who have suffered a strange attack and confront a subterranean creature that’s surfaced to hunt.

Lastly, don’t miss the Organized Play Scenarios also released today

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Pathfinder Spell Cards: Advanced Player's Guide, Starfinder Flip-Mat: Planetary Atmosphere, and Pathfinder Flip-Mat: City Sites Multi-Pack are available as JPGs for virtual tabletop use.

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Pathfinder Pathfinder Accessories Subscriber; Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber

"Wanted: Calm forest path"
Aaaah. We all want this. Damn random encounters. :P

Horizon Hunters

Pathfinder Maps, Pathfinder Accessories Subscriber; Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber; Starfinder Superscriber
Elfteiroh wrote:

"Wanted: Calm forest path"

Aaaah. We all want this. Damn random encounters. :P

You do realise (and I am sure you do) that an encounter is simply an event that stands out beyond normal day-to-day life experiences. You/your PCs make of it what you/they will.

Some examples: the sight of a beautiful song bird, singing to win a mate; goblin footprints crossing the path you are on; the sweet, refreshing scent of roses in a darkened and depressed length of the path; a dead animal with unfamiliar claw markings; the list goes ever on.

It is up to a GM to interpret whether an encounter is a creature looking for a fight.

If you want some peaceful journeying, ask your GM for something different.

Silver Crusade

Pretty sure Elfteiroh was making a joke.

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Pathfinder Pathfinder Accessories Subscriber; Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber

Yeeeep. Was a joke. I'm the prime GM to expect "random encounters" to be possible friendlies if the player treats them well like they should. :P
The incongruity of the "WANTED" poster with an empty forest path was just too tempting. :P

(And yes, I'm usually the GM)

Yeah, the best way to have a little fun with player meta-gaming is to pull out a flip-mat and place the players' tokens on it, and then have a completely innocuous appearance by a hermit or farm cart show up :) (I've also seen groups completely under-estimate the danger of a situation just because there wasn't a flip-mat and tokens visible . . . yet!)

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