November Update - Conventions, Sanctioning, Stars, Novas and More!

Thursday, November 05, 2020

Pathfinder Extinction Curse Adventure Path: The Apocalypse Prophet book cover

OPM Musings

We’ve kinda slowed down a bit on the convention front, with PAX Online being our last big show of 2020, but that doesn’t mean the program slowed down. On the editorial side of the team, we have earlier than last Wed of the month release dates for Nov and Dec scenarios to avoid releasing items on American Thanksgiving or Christmas/Kwanzaa. We also hope to have space to allow our team to take some time off over the holidays.

In this downtime between active conventions, we also do quite a bit of our planning for the upcoming years. Look for more information in blogs after the first of the year. We also use the time to complete outstanding tasks, like mailing charity boons and producing goblin songs. Finally, we like to take this time to get 2021 conventions spun up and the background items put into place.

To that end, we’re currently in talks with volunteers at the Organized Play Foundation about the makeup of our 2021 convention teams. With the uncertainty of in-person shows as well as digital platform use for conventions, we’ve got to shake up how we are doing things, including revamping the Department Head structure, looking to have a hybrid digital-physical committee, and streamlining volunteer registration processes. As these changes deal with volunteers, the specifics will appear on the Organized Play Foundation website. As soon as the information is posted, we will bump this blog. Expect this to happen in the next week or so.

Fame Conversion Status

Unfortunately, we did not quite make our October goals. We did get every boon into the system, but we did not publish the conversion guide out to our community. With the accelerated production schedule of Nov and Dec, to get products out before the holidays, we just could not put one more thing into our schedule. We still have this on our radar and hope to have more information out to you, but we don’t want to prioritize it over getting out the monthly scenarios. We will keep you updated via blogs on where we are and what our new timeline is expected to be. We are also adjusting schedules so that a delay on our end doesn’t remove integration time from the community. Thank you for your patience.


A new batch of sanctioning was posted last week! This included the Extinction Curse Adventure Path for Pathfinder Society (second edition), as well as the remainder of The Threefold Conspiracy AP for Starfinder Society. If you’re new and want to know more about what sanctioning is and why we do it, there’s some good information in that blog as well, check it out!

Next in the queue for sanctioning is the Pathfinder (second edition) Beginner Box, which we do hope to have sanctioned before the end of the month. After that, we’ll take a look at Devastation Ark, The Slithering, and the remaining PF1 Adventure Paths to determine what’s next on our priority list


This month, we had time to review all outstanding four-star and four-nova GMs. Now that the system is more automated, we are able to keep closer track of those GMs on the road to the top. We believe that we have contacted every GM on that list to let them know what’s left to become a five-star or five-nova GM. If you were not contacted and feel you should have been, please email us at organizedplay[at]paizo[dot]com and we’ll check it out.

As a result of this process, we discovered several GMs who had completed all their requirements. They are recognized below; congratulations, and thank you for all the time you have devoted to Organized Play!

Congratulations to:

  • 5 Star GMs:
    • Steven Lee
    • Betsy Nold
  • 5 Nova GMs:
    • Doug Edwards
    • Mike Bramnik

Convention Listing

If you don’t see a convention on the list that you think should be there, contact the event organizer and ask them to register their event for Organized Play support!

ConventionLocationStart DateStatusInteractive EventsStaff Attendance
Viking Lodge Halloween Con 2020 Copenhagen, Denmark 11/6/2020 Online
Virtual Mepacon 39 Allentown, PA 11/6/2020 Online
Carnage 2020 West Dover, VT 11/6/2020 Online PFS2 2-00 The King In Thorns,
SFS 3-00 The Last Bite
CONglomerate Online 11/6/2020 Online
Midwest Game Fest Online 2020 Kansas City, MO 11/12/2020 Online PFS2 2-00 The King In Thorns,
SFS 3-00 The Last Bite
Lone Star Con Texas 11/13/2020 Online SFS 3-00 The Last Bite
MACE 2020 Charlotte, NC 11/13/2020 Hybrid
ConQuest Avalon: Morganna's Quest Bay Area, CA 11/20/2020 Online PFS2 2-00 The King In Thorns
Fin d'année 2020 Francia Francia 11/26/2020 Online PFS2 2-00 The King In Thorns
SFS 3-00 The Last Bite
TurkeyCon 2020 Burlingame, CA 11/27/2020 Online
WinterWolfCon ‘20 Online 11/27/2020 Online SFS 3-00 The Last Bite
Emerald Con Seattle, WA 12/4/2020 Online PFS2 2-00 The King In Thorns,
SFS 3-00 The Last Bite

Don’t forget to come back next week for previews on the November releases for Paizo Organized Play!

Until next time—Explore, Report, Cooperate!

Alex Speidel
Organized Play Associate

Tonya Woldridge
Organized Play Manager

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Dark Archive 4/5 5/55/5 ***** Regional Venture-Coordinator, Great Lakes

4 people marked this as a favorite.

Congrats to the newest 5-stars and 5-novas! Especially Betsy and Mike! <3


3 people marked this as a favorite.

Congrats on those 5 stars/novas!!!!

Also sanctioning of pf2 beginner box- nice!!

Dark Archive 4/5 5/55/5 **** Venture-Lieutenant, Ohio—Columbus

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Patiently awaiting my Tyrant's Grasp Sanctioning... ya know for table count ;P

The Exchange 1/5 5/5 ***

Congratulations to all the new Five Club GMs!

Will Troubles in Otari be sanctioned somewhere in there as well? Asking for a friend!

Dataphiles 5/55/55/5 Venture-Agent, Netherlands

3 people marked this as a favorite.

Mike ya big nerd. Congrats dude!

Congrats to the rest of the 5 Star/Novas getters as well!

Dark Archive

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Congratulations, Betsy! Thank you for frequently making me sweat in my seat as you bring my PCs perilously close to death—no one's died yet, but we'll see how Monday's game goes!

Dark Archive 4/5 5/55/5

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Well I've only played at Mike's table once, but it was his first Starfinder table slot 1 at Gencon so congratulations and thanks for a fun Commencement.

Liberty's Edge 3/5 5/5 **** Venture-Captain, Nebraska—Omaha

Congrats to the new 5 star and 5 novas GM. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to our craft!

Second Seekers (Jadnura) 5/55/55/55/5

Congratulations to our new 5 Star and 5 Nova GMs! Also thanks for the shout-out for the upcoming Cons!

When can we expect We’re No Heroes (and all of FFoD) to be sanctioned for SFS?

Sovereign Court 4/5 * Organized Play Manager

1 person marked this as a favorite.
GM Derek wrote:
When can we expect We’re No Heroes (and all of FFoD) to be sanctioned for SFS?

We aren't putting dates to things, as when we do something inevitebly comes up to interfer. Instead, we are listing our next projects. Most of the APs are going in order, but we prioritize rulebooks, so now that Threefold is done, we will shift to some rules, then back to Devestation Ark, then onto Fly Free or Die. So soonish, but not immediate.

Silver Crusade 4/5 **** Venture-Lieutenant, Ohio—Toledo

Congrats, Betsy!

Grand Lodge 3/5 5/55/55/55/5 ****

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Betsy and Mike, hurrah!

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