Roll For Combat Launches the Agents of Edgewatch Actual-Play Podcast

Friday, September 18, 2020

Roll For Combat, a licensed partner of Paizo, is pleased to announce the debut of our newest Pathfinder Second Edition actual-play podcast! Making its debut this Friday, September 18th, and running weekly after that, we will be starting a playthrough of the brand-new Agents of Edgewatch Adventure Path

Roll For Combat the Agents of Edgewatch Adventure Path

All our podcasts are true actual play, recorded in real-time with no scripted events, no fudging rolls to make the story go where it needs to go. We also often get into in-depth discussions of the nuts and bolts of the rules to help other GMs who might want to run these same adventures and players who wish to learn some of the more nuanced rules. We play “rules as written” while keeping all of our games fun and loose.

Our cast of characters for this adventure will be as follows; you can find more complete bios of the players and these characters at our website:

  • Chris Beemer as Lo Mang, tiefling orc monk
  • Seth Lipton as Gomez, goblin sorcerer
  • Jason McDonald as Basil Blackfeather, tengu investigator
  • John Staats as Cadet Dougie McDougal, human… something (it’s a bit of mystery)
  • Stephen Glicker as the GM

Our first episode will debut on Friday, September 18th, with new episodes releasing every Friday. Our primary means of distribution is as a podcast, but we also make a copy of the show available on YouTube. If you like what you are hearing, there’s even an option to get the shows early or listen live by subscribing to our Patreon. However you might choose to listen, we hope you’ll drop in and check out the show.

Roll For Combat has a long history of running both standalone adventure as well as the much longer adventure paths. Agents of Edgewatch follows the players as members of the titular town guard of Absalom during a once-a-generation Radiant Festival. The party members join as new cadets on their first day of duty. The adventure will follow them as they go from breaking up tavern brawls and finding lost puppies to unraveling deeper mysteries and thwarting dangers to the entire city of Absalom itself!

At this point, it feels right to briefly acknowledge the real-world challenges of playing an adventure path that revolves around the theme of law enforcement, given the events unfolding across the country. We at Roll For Combat would mostly echo our version of Erik Mona’s statement on the matter – we understand why such an adventure may be difficult for some listeners, but we felt the overall story the authors created was compelling and would be interesting to play. All we can do from there is to do the best we can at our gaming table to make our version of that story a respectful one while we attempt to entertain, and we welcome your feedback if we fall short of that goal.

The Roll For Combat podcast family of shows.

Roll For Combat creates the actual play podcasts Three Ring Adventure, a playthrough of the Pathfinder Extinction Curse Adventure Path; Tales From The Black Lodge, a serialized podcast featuring the Pathfinder Society game system and rotating guests and players; The Fall of Plaguestone Podcast, a playthrough of the Pathfinder Adventure; and The Dead Suns Adventure, a playthrough of the Starfinder Adventure Path.

Roll For Combat also hosts the RPG Superstar 2020 contest, where public voting is currently available to help us determine the Grand Prize winner!

The Roll For Combat Patreon page allows subscribers to access episodes early, view live recordings of all of their shows, and much more!

Learn more and find links to the Roll For Combat podcasts, blogs, reviews, events, store, and more at Roll For Combat also hosts one of the largest and active online Society lodges at and recently relaunched the RPG Superstar contest at

Stephen Glicker
RPG Superstar Host & Owner of Roll For Combat

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Sweet, I will definately check this out. I want to run this AP so bad!

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Does "podcast" mean audio-only?

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Charter Superscriber

Sounds like a lot of fun!

This is great!
Although I can't hide that I was really hoping to hear more Starfinder actual play from the crew of Roll for Combat.

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LotsOfLore wrote:

This is great!

Although I can't hide that I was really hoping to hear more Starfinder actual play from the crew of Roll for Combat.

I agree. I miss their Starfinder content.

Scarab Sages

Pathfinder Adventure, Adventure Path, Lost Omens, PF Special Edition Subscriber

This is the first time I've actually listened to Roll For Combat. First episode has me in! It makes me want to run the adventure as well. I've been a bit behind on reading and the first AP made my desk after reading how wonderful the first actual play episode ran!

Paizo Employee Director of Brand Strategy

Cadet Dougie McDougal is my new favorite character.

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