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Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Our fiction series like the recent Tales From The Drift and The Windsong Testaments are only links in the chain, nay, pearls in the necklace in the legacy of bringing the Lost Omens and Pact Worlds settings to life. Last week we looked at free web fiction of the past. This week we revisit our short fiction!

Pathfinder Tales on ePub

Are you looking for another, perhaps more flexible format to enjoy the free web fiction from last week? Well, forty-six of the titles were converted into a downloadable ePub format. Other short fiction titles were consolidated for you from material originally published over the course of multiple Pathfinder Adventure Paths. Now, they are on sale for a mere handful of copper pieces (25% off) during our Spring Social sale.

If you don’t know, EPUB is an e-book file format that uses the ".epub" file extension. The term is short for electronic publication and is sometimes styled ePub. EPUB is supported by many e-readers, and compatible software is available for most smartphones, tablets, and computers. Now you know.

These stories come from a diverse cadre of talented experienced authors, from fan-favorite authors like Amber E. Scott, Dave Gross, Liane Merciel, Richard Lee Byers, and Kevin Andrew Murphy, to acclaimed game designer–authors like James L. Sutter, Robin D. Law, and Monte Cook, You’ll find two sets of tales from New York Times best-selling author Elaine Cunningham (The Illusionist and Dark Tapestry), and one from legendary game designer and author Ed Greenwood (Guns of Alkenstar), creator of Elminster and the Forgotten Realms. Hugo Award-winner Tim Pratt (A Tomb of Winter's Plunder and Bastard, Sword) is there too!

Just look at the places they’ll take you! The conflict-ridden Goblinblood Wars, the plane-breaking Worldwound, the undead-ruled land of Geb, the devil-worshiping nation of Cheliax, Lastwall, before the fall, the magical college known as the Magambyaa in the Mwangi Expanse, faraway Tian Xiathe, the mean streets of Magnimar, and the River Kingdoms of Kingmaker fame are just of the few of the localities. You can explore organizations like the disciplined Hellknights, the rich merchant lords of Katapesh, the mysterious Shadowcallers of Nidal, the insidious Gray Maidens, and the pirates of the Shackles to name but a few—all written under the guidance of the Pazio Creative Directors.

Perhaps some of them may inspire your next character, NPC, and villain concept in your game, so read on Pathfinders. Let us know what you find, what was meh, and what was YAY! Next week we will dive into the Pathfinder Tales novels themselves, which are available in many formats. In a few short weeks, we will be back with more original free web fiction.

Adventures Ahead!

Aaron Shanks
Marketing and Media Manager

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It's a shame that there are still 21 tales from the web fiction line that haven't been converted to ePub files (yet?). I'd buy them in a minute.

Paizo Employee Director of Brand Strategy

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Lol, we will continue to be patient. We have waited 5 ish years and are still hopeful!

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If only there were some new Pathfinder (or, to dream, Starfinder) tales novels, I'd be buying them day one

Lantern Lodge

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Who do we contact to be considered to write Starfinder fiction for these web fiction posts? Please, and thank you.

STARFINDER TALES, please make it happen, I will buy the **** out of them !

Scarab Sages

I've never read any Pathfinder Tales before and I'm looking for a good one to start with. What do you all recommend?

One of my personal favorites is Firesoul, but it only seemed to get a mediocre reception. Death’s Heretic and Redemption Engine (Both very philosophical) seemed to be the most popular, so they would definitely get you sucked in. Beyond the Pool of Stars and Through the Gate in the Sea are also a very good pair and have a good range of characters. Those would be my recommendations, though honestly if you just start reading them in published order you probably won’t go wrong. There’s very few ones that are less than adequate, and the majority of them are quite good.

Silver Crusade

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I’ve adored all the ones I’ve read, barring Called to Darkness. For reasons (not a bad book though).

Winter’s Witch is probably my favourite though that is likely to change depending on the day and my mood.

As SOLDIER-1st brings up Firesoul and Beyond the Pool of Stars and Through the Gate in the Sea are all excellent.

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