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Wednesday, April 15, 2020

In the toughest of times, people have always shared stories with each other, whether as a respite from harsh realities, to share a common vision and pull together as a community, or to simply boost morale. We are pausing our weekly flash fiction for five weeks and during this time, we’ll take a walk down memory lane. Will we revisit the Pathfinder fiction available today, including free web fiction, short fiction, novels, comics, and audio adventures. It's time to refuel our fantasy-fiction belt pouches and inspire new escapades!

Deagan Callimedes from “Armored” by Stephanie Lorée

Free Web Fiction

In Pathfinder Tales Web Fiction, Paizo's talented authors presented Pathfinder Tales web fiction, short multi-part adventures featuring the exploits of daring denizens of the Pathfinder world. These completely free adventures gave a taste of the thrills to come in Pathfinder Tales novels, and often featured some of the very same characters from the same cast of superstar authors and game creators!

Whether you are new to the Lost Omens setting or have been exploring it for a decade, you’ll find nearly sixty free stories to immerse yourself in lore and art. Some of these stories took place years ago in-game. Where are they now? What new player characters, NPCs, and villains can be discovered?

Blackraven from Winter's Wolves by Wendy N. Wagner

To navigate these archival posts, click on the link above, click on the title you want to explore, and then either click on the ”Show Post” in the upper right-hand corner to expand the chapters one by one or click the little “Link” in the bottom right-hand corner to read each chapter alone. You can use the “Web Fiction” or “Pathfinder Tales” tags to wander and roam, digitally speaking.

We would love to hear which of these stories are your favorites and why!

Adventures Ahead,

Aaron Shanks,
Marketing and Media Manager

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Silver Crusade

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These were all awesome, thankies for reminding all of us ^w^

Scarab Sages

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I came to post the exact same thing as Rysky.

The web fiction archive is fantastic, and I urge anyone who hasn’t read through it to give it a chance.

Sovereign Court

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Just finished and enjoyed Mother Bears, Winter Wolves, and Skinwalkers (Wendy N. Wagner). And now reading Boar and Rabbit (Great). Next will be The Redemption Engine (James L. Sutter) can't wait.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

A-ha! One step ahead of you! I've been slowly going through the web fiction for a while now. I started picking at random, and eventually just started going through the (many) stories alphabetically (in the middle of "Boar and Rabbit" right now). Not a stinker in the bunch yet.
Now that I've got all the novels I'll tackle those afterward. I've listened to all of the audio dramas, which I wouldn't mind seeing a return to, thought I don't know who would do it if Big Finish didn't pick up the license again.

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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber; Pathfinder Starfinder Adventure Path, Starfinder Roleplaying Game, Starfinder Society Subscriber

Paizo Folks,

Don’t forget that we are still waiting for the following Web Fiction to be added to the store for purchase as epubs:

A Matter of Knives
Best Served Cold
The Weeping Blade
The Fencing Master
The Cloak of Belonging
Hunter’s Folly
Winter’s Wolves
A Knightly Mission
The Patch Man
Diamond in the Rough
The Gem
The Price Paid
Crisis of Faith

I have purchased all the short stories as epubs that were made available and will happily give you my money if the rest of these were added to the store.

And since we are on the topic of Web Fiction, there is a bunch of other Web Fiction on Paizo’s website that are only sometimes tagged as Web Fiction. These range from short historical bios as seen in “Meet the Iconics” and “Meet the Villains” to full on Golarion Mythology in the “Windsong Testaments.” All of which I would gladly purchase as epubs. The full list of of this shorter fiction that I know of is listed below.

Iconic Encounter: Fire in the Hold
Iconic Encounter: Hold My Beer
Iconic Encounter: One by One
Iconic Encounter: One Last Miracle
Iconic Encounter: Party Crasher
Iconic Encounter: Puzzle Box
Iconic Encounter: Ready
Iconic Encounter: Red Snow
Iconic Encounter: Test of the Hidden Peaks
Iconic Encounter: The Green Within
Iconic Encounter: To the Last Breath
Iconic Encounter: Tough Crow
Iconic Encounter: Whispers in the Blood
Meet the Iconics: Adowyn
Meet the Iconics: Alahazra
Meet the Iconics: Alain
Meet the Iconics: Amiri
Meet the Iconics: Aric
Meet the Iconics: Balazar
Meet the Iconics: Crowe
Meet the Iconics: Damiel
Meet the Iconics: Enora
Meet the Iconics: Erasmus
Meet the Iconics: Estra
Meet the Iconics: Ezren
Meet the Iconics: Feiya
Meet the Iconics: Fumbus
Meet the Iconics: Hakon
Meet the Iconics: Harsk
Meet the Iconics: Hayato
Meet the Iconics: Imrijka
Meet the Iconics: Jirelle
Meet the Iconics: Kess
Meet the Iconics: Kyra
Meet the Iconics: Lem
Meet the Iconics: Lini
Meet the Iconics: Lirianne
Meet the Iconics: Mavaro
Meet the Iconics: Meligaster
Meet the Iconics: Merisiel
Meet the Iconics: Oloch
Meet the Iconics: Quinn
Meet the Iconics: Reiko
Meet the Iconics: Rivani
Meet the Iconics: Sajan
Meet the Iconics: Seelah
Meet the Iconics: Seltyiel
Meet the Iconics: Seoni
Meet the Iconics: Shardra
Meet the Iconics: The Red Raven
Meet the Iconics: Valeros
Meet the Iconics: Yoon
Meet the Iconics: Zadim
Meet the Iconics: Zova
Meet the Villains: Emil Kovkorin
Meet the Villains: Lazzero Dalvera
Meet the Villains: Linxia Benzekri
Meet the Villains: Nyctessa
Meet the Villains: Urgraz
Meet the Villains: Zelhara
Pathfinder Poems: Iconic Love
Pathfinder Poems: Stop flyting, you two!
Tales of Lost Omens: All that Glitters
Tales of Lost Omens: Bad Dogs
Tales of Lost Omens: Blood Fate
Tales of Lost Omens: Bound for Glory
Tales of Lost Omens: Dragonfear
Tales of Lost Omens: Far From Heaven
Tales of Lost Omens: Portents from the Deck
Tales of Lost Omens: Questioning Nature
Tales of Lost Omens: Rat Trap
Tales of Lost Omens: Seeds of Hope
Tales of Lost Omens: The Hopeful
Tales of Lost Omens: The Idol and the Scythe
Tales of Lost Omens: The Sea’s Vengeance
Tales of Lost Omens: The Snare
Tales of Lost Omens: The World Expands
Tales of Lost Omens: When it Rains
Tales of Lost Omens (Extinction Curse): Waiting in the Wings
Tales of Lost Omens (Rise of the Runelords): Shalelu Be Food?
Tales of Lost Omens (Windsong Testaments): On Family Bonds
Tales of Lost Omens (Windsong Testaments): Rage of Creation
Tales of Lost Omens (Windsong Testaments): The Acts of Iomedae
Tales of Lost Omens (Windsong Testaments): The Beauty of Horros
Tales of Lost Omens (Windsong Testaments): The Three Fears of Pharasma
Tales of Lost Omens (Windsong Testaments): Time’s Price

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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber; Pathfinder Starfinder Adventure Path, Starfinder Roleplaying Game, Starfinder Society Subscriber

If you are interested in Starfinder fiction be sure to read the following:

Iconic Encounter: A Hail of Bullets
Iconic Encounter: Cathedrals of the Mind
Iconic Encounter: Good News Bad News
Iconic Encounter: Goodnight, Sweet Bot
Iconic Encounter: Obozaya's Mayhaem Playlist
Iconic Encounter: Personal Magnetism
Iconic Encounter: Something's Rotten
Iconic Encounter: The First Rule of Captaining
Iconic Encounter: The Museum Job
Iconic Encounter: The Reality Next Door
Iconic Encounter: The Scientific Method
Meet the Iconics: Altronus
Meet the Iconics: Barsala
Meet the Iconics: Iseph
Meet the Iconics: Keskodai
Meet the Iconics: Navasi
Meet the Iconics: Obozaya
Meet the Iconics: Quig
Meet the Iconics: Raia
Meet the Iconics: Velloro
Meet the Iconics: Zemir
Tales From The Drift: A Perfect Endeavor
Tales From The Drift: Chef's Surprise
Tales From The Drift: Colossi
Tales From The Drift: Deadly Exercises
Tales From The Drift: Improvisations
Tales From The Drift: No Heroes Here
Tales From The Drift: Radio Silence
Tales From The Drift: The Long Silence
Tales From The Drift: The Same Stars
Tales From The Drift: This City Sings For Blood
Tales From The Drift: Thoughts in the Dark
Tales From The Drift: Walls
Tales From The Drift (The Threefold Conspiracy): Gray Matter

Scarab Sages

Damn Brinebeast, you have really been keeping track of the web fiction!

Sovereign Court

Thanks Brinebeast, always looking for more Pathfinder (Starfinder) fiction.

Paizo Employee Director of Brand Strategy

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Brinebeast wrote:

I know I'm months late in responding to this, but in my defense, I was on family leave in April!

I have made it a personal mission of mine to get as many of these out as ePubs as I possibly can. If only I didn't have the whole rest of my job to compete for my time!

Out of curiosity, how much would you be willing to pay for a single piece of flash fiction (Meet the Iconics, Iconic Encounters, Tales from the Drift, etc.)? Is $1 too much for 1,000 words? Would they need to be bundled and sold as small collections, or would you want them as individual pieces?

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber; Pathfinder Starfinder Adventure Path, Starfinder Roleplaying Game, Starfinder Society Subscriber

Hey Mark, it's great to hear that you all are working on trying to get the short fiction/flash fiction as purchasable ePub content!

My personal recommendations for pricing is as follows:

1. Short Fiction: I believe that all of the short fiction from the back of the Adventure Paths are available as epubs. The price for this fiction was set at $4.99 per collection. If my notes are inaccurate and there are still some that are not available as epubs I recommend a similar price point.

2. Web Fiction: Some of these have not been made available as purchasable epubs. The price for this fiction was set at $1.00. I recommend a similar price point.

3. Flash Fiction: I like the idea of these being collected as mini anthologies. Based on the size of the previous web fiction and its price point of $1.00, I feel that customers will be dissatisfied to purchase flash fiction at a similar price point. However, a mini anthology of 5 pieces of flash fiction set in the $2.00-$3.00 range feels like a reasonable value. Also, if you add in an table of contents at the beginning that would really make it feel like a mini anthology and not just a flash fiction bundle.

I am not a business person and I have absolutely no idea what price point makes sense for Paizo. I know you need to consider time, effort, costs, and lots of other things, but hopefully this helps.

Also, I don't know what your plans for flash fiction going forward are, but if you are thinking in terms of mini anthologies you could focus the flash fiction around themes. Five stories of falling in love on Golarion, or finding acceptance, or nautical adventures, or the night sky. So many fun possibilities.

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