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Monday, January 13, 2020

While a lot of our content creators are on break and readjusting their schedules. We here at Paizo are back and excited to show off what the dev team has been working on. The Starfinder team is getting close to completing the Attack of The Swarm Adventure Path. And the Pathfinder team are excited to sit with you and go over how we team came up with the gods for Pathfinder originally, and how they developed to be the divine beings today!

Here is what’s happening this week at OfficialPaizo on Twitch!

War for the Crown with Squiddish, Jan 13, 2:00 p.m. Pacific

“Five everyday nobodies united (loosely) in the shifting political landscape of Taldor. A nobleman, a veteran, a bounty hunter, a trained spy, and an old wizard. They joined for an evening’s “work” at an elegant gala, and now fight for the future of their nation and their very lives. The question every week is simple: Can these five overcome their own differences long enough to succeed in this War for the Crown?”

Squiddish with the 2 Perception crew streams on the OfficialPaizo on Twitch channel every week at 2 p.m. Pacific.

Starfinder Wednesdays! Attack of the Swarm: The God-Host Ascends! - Developer Commentary. Jan 15, 4:00-5:00 p.m. Pacific

The Attack of the Swarm Adventure Path The God-Host Ascends! is the finale of the 6 part adventure for the Starfinder RPG. We have Developer Ron Lundeen to talk with Starfinder Developer Jason Keeley to showcase all of the behind the scenes in the creation of the Attack of the Swarm AP.

Pungeon Crawl, Jan 15, 5:00-9:00 p.m. Pacific

Note: Pungeon Crawl will now be hosted on the Paizo Twitch channel instead of being streamed directly. You can find BBWolfe’s twitch channel to support the show here.

"The results of the breakfast sweepstakes are in and The Biggest Darn Heroes of the Pact Worlds are about to get a new set of legally-distinct sidekicks as the Pungeon Crawl returns! Join the Deep Space Defenders as we find out if a handful of breakfast cereal contest-selected weirdos can keep up with your favorite syndicated space saviors! Sent on a mission with REAL HEROES, they’ll be put to the test as things go wrong, while on camera the entire time! As their situation develops the heroes’ morale may falter, but with the help of you, the faithful viewers, your favorite heroes can grip success from the jaws of failure! Wednesday nights 8e/7c only on Paizo!"
- BBWolfe

Streamed on OfficialPaizo on Twitch.

Arcane Mark, Jan 16 & 18, 7:00 p.m. Pacific

Arcane Mark is a stream with Pathfinder Designer Mark Seifter and Organized Play Lead Developer Linda Zayas-Palmer covering all sorts of RPG and Pathfinder-related topics, from GM Tools to Design Diaries to Workshops. Thursday episodes are always interviews, usually covering Paizo staff you might not have seen as often in other interviews.

Pathfinder Fridays! Lost Omens Gods & Magic Lore - Developer Commentary Jan 17 , 4:00-5:00 p.m. Pacific

With the upcoming Lost Omens Gods & Magic book coming out late January, we thought it’d be best to help newcomers understand how our gods in Pathfinder operate, along with the lore significance of them. So for those who are not familiar with the lore of Pathfinder, James Jacobs will be here to help give you a look behind the scenes on the creation of the gods and how they developed in Pathfinder Second Edition.

We've added a new Forum for Streaming & Actual Play discussions. If you have any questions you’d like to submit for our Q&A segments at the end of our Starfinder Wednesdays or Pathfinder Fridays you can do so in our Forums.

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Starfinder Wednesday is canceled today due to illness.

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Hope everyone gets better!

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