Don’t miss the Knights of Everflame Season Finale!

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Left to right: Erika Fermina, Rachel Seeley, Aki, Jason Bulmahn, Gina DeVivo, and Jeremy Steven Walker

Left to right: Erika Fermina, Rachel Seeley, Aki, Jason Bulmahn, Gina DeVivo, and Jeremy Steven Walker

The first season of Knights of Everflame comes to a close tonight on the Geek & Sundry Twitch channel! Join Game Master Jason Bulmahn and adventurers Gina DeVivo, Jeremy Steven Walker, Aki, Erika Fermina, and Rachel Seeley as they continue their adventures in Lastwall.

Watch on Twitch tonight: 4-7 p.m. Pacific

Tune in after the finale for a special live show featuring the Knights of Everflame cast. What did they like most about Season One? What terrors does Jason have in store for them in Season 2? The live show begins at 7 p.m. Pacific.

If you’ve missed episodes, have no fear! You can catch up on YouTube or watch them here. Spoiler warning: Video descriptions do give away some of the plot from prior episodes, so jump over to the Geek & Sundry YouTube page to start watching spoiler-free, or explore the first six episodes below.

Season 2 starts later this year, so catch up now!

Episode 1: The Last Knights

Five strangers board a caravan heading to Lastwall, an ancient kingdom watching over the grave of a long dead menace. Signed up as conscripts in the army, they face years of training and service, but as smoke begins to rise from the horizon they must come together as friends if they are to have any chance at survival.

Episode 2: Flight from Death

After the fall of Castle Everstand our brave party of newly minted Knights must escort a group of refugees to the small forest town of Kassen. With a horde of undead on their trail the group will need to get creative if they are to successfully bring everyone to safety.

Episode 3: Respite in Kassen

Our band of Knights arrive in Kassen, refugees in tow, and must find a way to convince the stubborn mayor that the danger from Lastwall is fast approaching. Fortunately, they meet new allies to aid them in their desperate plight to save the town.

Episode 4: Siege of Kassen

A horde of zombies and skeletons have arrived at the small town of Kassen, and our heroes and their allies have spent two days fortifying the town to prepare for the assault. What price must they pay to save the people from a horrifying fate?

Episode 5: Deadly Dawn

As dawn breaks, our party of Knights must face off against the monstrosity that has just taken the life of a beloved ally. While all seems to be lost there may just be a hope for salvation waiting to be discovered.

Episode 6: Forgotten Hope

After the brutal Siege of Kassen our heroes must make haste if they are to find the Everflame, a holy relic of unknown power that may be there any hope in defeating the undead menace.

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It was an amazing final episode. The fear and threats were real, but so was the glory! Looking forward to season 2!!!

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