No Peace in the Darkness!

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Things are really getting hot for the heroes in the Dawn of Flame Adventure Path. I had the pleasure to write the fourth adventure, The Blind City, available now! The heroes have acquired an ancient tablet that hints of strange technology and even stranger magic deeper inside the sun. The unusual expert capable of deciphering it speaks of Outer Gods, strange cults, and a prison of darkness hidden within the sun’s blazing light.

Outer Gods? Vile cults? Formless evil? Sign me up! I was overjoyed to create the cosmic horror of this adventure and add to the pantheon of inscrutable and all-consuming entities lurking beyond space and time. This particular evil entity, known to some occultists as the Incandescent Doom, is a being of light that burns away life, of brilliance that scours flesh and warps minds. What better place to anchor such a being than a lightless oubliette in the depths of the sun? Of course, the heroes receive a less than pleasant welcome when they journey to this isolated location.

Three flaming skeletons with mouths open wide attacking a 4-armed, bipedal alien with grey skin and an angular face and dark pits for eyes. The alien's upper left arm is wielding some sort of yellow energy bolt. The silhouette of another adventurer looking on in horror can be seen in the foreground.

Illustration by David Franco Campos

This adventure is for 7th-level characters, and introduces several new monsters such as the pyric revenant and the dimensional shambler. This volume also presents a catalogue of bizarre gear and strange artifacts, an in-depth look at several cults of the galaxy and those who hunt them, and much more.

A humanoid with dark red hair and two antennae in a long, double-breasted grey jacket with red interior, holding up what appears to be a red robe.

Illustration by Mary Jane Pajaron

Be not illuminated by the Incandescent Doom!

Ron Lundeen

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Dark Archive

Isn't fifth book out?

But yeah, this adventure was cool, I also liked the "evil being of light imprisoned in darkness" thing

Liberty's Edge

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Didn't actually realize this was a Starfinder AP until I saw the art for the Lashunta below the flaming skeletons.


Liberty's Edge

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I dig this write up, I can't wait to read the cult writeups :D

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Sounds great!

thaX wrote:

Didn't actually realize this was a Starfinder AP until I saw the art for the Lashunta below the flaming skeletons.


Even then, I wouldn't have been sure (since Lashunta do appear a bit in Pathfinder time), if it weren't for the page for the AP itself (as well as other stuff that has appeared about this AP, including on YouTube).

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our group is wrapping up Against the Aeon Throne... i had been pushing for Attack of the Swarm but this... this seems really cool...

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