Iconic Evolution: Merisiel

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

STAB! That's a rogue for you, am I right? Sneaking up on unsuspecting victims and picking their pockets or poking holes in them is what they do. Just be glad today's special sneak attack was just a new Iconic Evolution video! In this weekly video series, artist Wayne Reynolds takes Paizo's publisher and chief creative officer, Erik Mona, through his creative process in updating Pathfinder's iconic characters for the game's Second Edition, coming out this August. Check out this short video of their conversation for a glimpse into the mind of Pathfinder's most iconic visual artist and the first official look at the new version of Merisiel, the iconic elf rogue!

Artist's rendering of a thin elf female with long white hair and dark eyes.

Each week, we'll take a look at a different updated iconic with Erik and Wayne, so stay tuned.

Mark Moreland
Franchise Manager

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Quandary wrote:
Roswynn wrote:
I think giving a third eye on the forehead to elves would really be pushing it.


But if we are dropping the third eye, isn't it fair to also drop the eyebrows on remaining two eyes? ;-)

No? XD

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