Sun Spots

Friday, April 12, 2019

As the Dawn of Flame Adventure Path progresses, you might want to learn more about Starfinder lore related to ol’ Mataras, the Pact Worlds’ sun. Well, we’ve got you covered with video lore segment from our Starfinder Wednesday Twitch stream!

Unlike an eclipse, you can stare directly at it. Enjoy!

Chris S. Sims

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I'm loving Dawn of Flames! Maybe my favorite Starfinder Adventure Path so far!

Great job!

The Exchange

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....Might as well be walking on the sun.

Burning Archipelago may be my favorite place on the pact worlds!

Looking forward to Dawn of Flames once I am done messing with Aeon Throne and Signal of Screams.

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Removed a post.

this is one of my favorite parts of the starfinder setting I am always excited to learn just a little bit more

Grand Lodge

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My Dead Suns gaming group is already talking about their Dawn of Flame characters!


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