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Thursday, September 13, 2018

No one said traveling to the Azlanti Star Empire would be easy. In fact, most everyone says the exact opposite. Imperialist and xenophobic, the Azlanti aren't going to take kindly to a handful of Pact Worlders showing up in their space to cause trouble and interfere with their grand plans. Luckily, as with any large empire, there are spaces on the fringes where the eyes of the conquerors don't always peer too closely.

Illustration by Mirco Paganessi

Illustration by David Franco

In Starfinder Adventure Path #8: Escape from the Prison Moon, the PCs begin their sojourn into Azlanti space at a former mining platform and space station known as Outpost Zed, home to a wide array of smugglers and outlaws who want to avoid the gaze of Azlanti officials. The heroes will need to trade for goods and information there if they want any chance of being able to rescue their android friend from her cruel captors. But will they be able to prove themselves worthy of trust by Outpost Zed's inhabitants, whose ways and languages are extremely alien to those from the Pact Worlds?

In addition to a rollicking adventure by the always awesome Eleanor Ferron where the PCs will meet several new beings and perform a daring prison break, this volume also includes a ton of information about the Azlanti Star Empire. From its storied history and current state of affairs (by Starfinder Creative Director and Azlanti enthusiast Robert G. McCreary) to a detailed look at the Star Empire's 17 officially designated "sentient alien species" (by the wildly imaginative Saif Ansari), you'll soon find the Azlanti Star Empire as the newest villains you'll love to hate!

Jason Keeley

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Adding a post that I can favorite (since there seems to be no way to favorite a blog directly).

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This might be my favorite AP volume from either Pathfinder or Starfinder yet! It has an amazing alien space station and you have to save someone from a prison moon.

"Aren't you a little short for an Aeon Guard?" -The Princess, probably.

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I need this. Paizo, take my money.

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halfway through REACH OF EMPIRE and we are LOVING IT.

this looks to be an awesome follow up volume.

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