She who Writes the Player's Guide Should Swing the Sword

Thursday, March 22, 2018

The long-awaited War for the Crown Player's Guide is now available! As chaos falls across the ancient land of Taldor and powerful parties move their pieces into place, the action of lone figures can shape the fate of a nation. Spies, assassins, and cultists rub shoulders with nobles and sages, and all of Taldor stands open for canny adventurers to save or exploit. But how do elves fair in the bustling human courts? What role does a woodsy hunter or foreign psychic have to play in events? This player's guide contains plenty of information and advice for the themes and challenges yet to come, and what classes and character options can help you prepare for them!

With the first volume, Crownfall, already on store shelves, everyone has been eager to see the Player's Guide as well to finally get started on their own campaigns. In addition to the usual character advice, the guide also includes a short, spoiler-free primer on Taldan history and culture, as well as simplified rules for social combat based on those from Ultimate Intrigue, not to mention a bonus NPC statblock for Princess Eutropia, a longstanding figure in the Inner Sea political arena!

Sieze control of your destiny and take the reigns on a nation! Download the War for the Crown Player's Guide today!

Crystal Frasier

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Not sure how much the fluff of the campaign traits actually impacts what happens in the AP. If it is A LOT, then refluffing them might not be enough

That said, the benefits Taldan Patriot imparts look quite adequate for an Ulfen Guard IMO

AnimatedPaper wrote:
Souls At War wrote:
Ouachitonian wrote:
KitsuneWarlock wrote:
I'm surprised Lion Blade and Ulfen Guard aren't mentioned as a noteworthy prestige classes. Especially lion blade as you gotta start working for it at level 1.

Yeah, “a young Ulfen, come to the big city in hopes of joining the Ulfen Guard” was a character I was really hoping to play here. But between the PG saying barbarians* “will find their skills less useful and their presence less welcome” and there being no mention at all of the Ulfen Guard (save that one of the noble families was raised from the UG), I’m pretty disappointed. There’s also no campaign trait that really fits. Athletic Champion’s ok, but he’s here to be a mercenary soldier and bodyguard, not compete in the Olympics. Taldan Patriot seems the go-to for native soldiers, but doesn’t really make sense for an immigrant. As far back as the UG goes in the fluff, and as thematically obvious as they seem for this AP, you’d think there’d be some suggestion there.

*Yes, I know an Ulfen could be plenty of other classes, but barbarian, bloodrager, skald, and Ranger, seem the most obvious ones there and they’re all specifically called out for the quoted sentence. Fighters had also been mentioned earlier as being less helpful than other martial classes.

Kinda weird, along with a lack of "you saved a noble's ass" trait.
The "saved a noble" is much more straightforward. After saving the noble, they have either taking you on as a protege (informally adopting you into their own family's ranks) or decided to become your patron. Which, basically opens up all the traits. You don't even have to be particularly GOOD at your chosen profession or craft for "Rising Star." Although that would help.

I could see it as similar to Athletic Champion and Rising Star in some respects, but more in the "you are/were a street/sewer (includes dungeon/ruins) rat" with stuff related to that kind of life, maybe with variables for what you saved the noble from.

Interesting the guide directs players to Heroes of the High Court. Enlightened Noble (Peace) from there works pretty well with Noble Scion (Clement): Make Diplomacy based on your Wisdom, then take 18 on it once a day.

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