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Thursday, March 15, 2018

I know there's a lot of excitement in the Pathfinder community these days, and I'm proud to be at the center of it with the most adamantly followed announcements of them all—Jungle of Despair previews!

Prior to Jungle of Despair, which releases in May, the last major jungle content we've released across our myriad Pathfinder lines was the Worldscape series of Pathfinder comics from Dynamite Entertainment, written by our own Chief Creative Officer and Publisher, Erik Mona. These crossover comics find the iconic Pathfinders whisked from Golarion to a strange, jungle demiplane where they battle and ally with such pulp fantasy heroes as John Carter of Mars, Tarzan, Red Sonja, and Fantoma. The demiplane, called the Worldscape, was actually created by the archmage Nex, one of the Pathfinder setting's most infamous wizard-kings, to serve as a staging ground for the greatest warriors of three worlds to assault the unconquerable city of Absalom. Now you can include elements of the Worldscape saga into your campaigns with the final piece of dungeonjungle dressing in the set, the summoning pillar. Modeled off the prominent monoliths scattered throughout the Worldscape, this imposing relic can also serve as any standing stone in your campaign.

No summoning pillar is complete without a powerful spellcaster to active it or bend its ancient magic to her will. One such figure is the serpentfolk wizard, a Medium rare figure based on one of the final villains in the Serpent's Skull Adventure Path, a wizard of the Amphisbaenian Rite.

If serpentfolk aren't your thing, you can instead use the summoning pillar with the morlock cleric, a Medium uncommon figure based on the art for Eudranis, the sample morlock in Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Darklands Revisited. We're not picky about what evil monster person activates the summoning pillar, honest. What's really important is that your PCs get whisked away to a strange jungle of adventure and, I'll venture to say, despair.

Not all your foes need to be spellcasters, however. Why not give your players a hard time with a little bit of friendly assassination? And who better to stab someone in the back than a silent, sneaky elf? The elf assassin figure, a Medium uncommon offering, can easily serve this purpose. Or he can make for a nice rogue of swashbuckler player character. This figure's utility knows no limits!

Next week, we'll delve beneath the Jungle of Despair to look at some of the threats one can find teeming in the Darklands below.

Mark Moreland
Franchise Manager

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Grand Lodge

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Freakin' morlocks. At least the assassin is pretty cool.

Grand Lodge

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TriOmegaZero wrote:
Freakin' morlocks. At least the assassin is pretty cool.

I really wish they'd put out a mini of one morlock standing on the other's shoulders, since they usually end up that way in combat.

Pathfinder Battles Case Subscriber

Any chance we can get some tags on this and the previous Jungle of Despair preview, so they show up on folks saved links? Great, preview, the Serpentfolk Wizard is a must have.

That elf kind of looks like a healthy-ish vampire to me...

Sovereign Court

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I mostly like the morlock, although I’m not sure about the pointy ears. Do we have and regular non-cleric morlock minis?

Dark Archive

Mosaic wrote:
I mostly like the morlock, although I’m not sure about the pointy ears. Do we have and regular non-cleric morlock minis?

So far we havn't had any Morlock minis.

While i like the Morlock Cleric, i hope we get a plain old normal Morlock in this set too.

I really hope that one or more of the Darklands creatures previewed on monday are DROW. ;-)

The Exchange

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I am so hype for these Jungles of Despair.

Battles may be my favorite product line these days!

Silver Crusade

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Dawwwwwww lookit that lil Lamashtu Unholy Symbol.

Grand Lodge


We just finished our Serpent's Skull campaign a few months ago!

Dark Archive

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If anyone wants to have the stats for the elf assassin, it's the "contract killer (rogue 11) from page 150 of the NPC Codex (pocket edition out in october).

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