Gen Con and Thanks for All the Fish

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Gen Con 2016 is in the books (and Delta's computer failure gave me and many other Paizonians a lovely bonus day or two in the fabulous airport waiting areas of Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit, Indianapolis, Minneapolis-St. Paul, and/or Salt Lake City) and what a show it was! Demos of the upcoming Mummy's Mask Base Set were a huge hit in the exhibit hall, with 10 tables of action running basically at capacity for four straight days. Many thanks to Dominick Trascritti and his skilled demo team for giving fans old and new an excellent introduction to Mummy's Mask.

Action in the Sagamore Ballroom was also hopping, with the Adventure Card Guild area serving up more tables of Pathfinder Society Adventure Card Guild play than ever before. We showcased the epic final adventures of Season of the Runelords. We debuted the insane Season of the Goblins, written by Tyler Beck, David Jacobson, and Keith Richmond... and let's just say that people were not expecting to eat that many slugs. (For those of you who didn't make it to Gen Con, these adventures will be available for sale soon!)

We debuted a multimodal special event, The Cosmic Captive, mixing RPG and ACG tables to great effect. We got a ton of great feedback on how to improve the ACG side of future such events, so thank you all for being our guinea pigs on that. Venture-Lieutenant Kevin Hanley and his phenomenal volunteer staff did a spectacular job marshaling and managing the area, as well as the trial by fire that was running multiple tables simultaneously. (The Cosmic Captive will be available exclusively to conventions for the next year.) It was a privilege and a pleasure to work with so many enthusiastic and talented Pathfinder Society folk this year. (To my Special GMs: JUMP!)

We also brought back the ACG Open for a second year, to the delight and chagrin of dedicated players. This year's tournament, "The Cayden Cailean Way," took 64 players through a variety of tests in honor of the Lucky Drunk. In case you need to be terrified, this year's event had rounds written by Chad Brown, Keith Richmond, and Mike Selinker, with a little synthesis done by yours truly. The final round featured last year's runner-up team, Level 5, against an upstart team of pick-up players called Team One. Both teams completed the final scenario within one minute of each other, but Team One won the day with a higher overall score. Level 5, I am rooting for you to level up next year!

The 2016 Adventure Card Game Open finalists.

This year's Gen Con (my nineteenth, yipes!) was bittersweet for me, because it marked an ending and a beginning for me. I'm starting a new adventure this fall: nursing school. Unfortunately, the demands of school and the demands of ACG players are a little too much to handle at once, so I'm bidding farewell to Paizo's hallowed halls. I leave the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game in the capable hands of Vic and the Sharks, and the Adventure Card Guild in the capable hands of Organized Play Coordinator Tonya Woldridge. Being a member of the ACG and Pathfinder Society teams has been a joy, and I couldn't ask for better stewards.

Thank you all for allowing me to strain your brains and add fun to your days with the Class Decks and the Adventure Card Guild. I've really enjoyed doing it, and I look forward to playing with you all at a convention soon. Onward to adventure!

Tanis O'Connor
Adventure Card Game Designer

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Sobs uncontrollably in a forgotten corner.

Tanis named me Stabby, and pissed off Lord Soth.

Grand Lodge

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This is the third attempt for me to post this. I'm guessing Paizo's site was telling me the first two posts just weren't good enough.

I can still remember my friend Scott telling me about a new Pathfinder card game coming out at Gen Con. So around 4 years ago, he and I stood in line for this game. Both of us waiting for a while (it wasn't as bad as an FFG queue) each getting a copy of Rise of the Runelords. Back then, I barely knew who Mike Selinker was. I didn't know his Sharks at all. After a few months, I realized there was an online community here on Paizo's website and started reading and posting. I learned about subscriptions and promos and all sorts of fun things while I was able to find a group at the local game store to play through RotR adventures. (Alas, my friend did not have the staying power to complete the AP.)

Then Skull and Shackles was announced for the next Gen Con. And with it, organized play for the card game starting with Season 0: Season of the Shackles. That's when I learned of Tanis. I again waited patiently for my copy of S&S the first day of the con as well as my first set of class decks. I had signed up for a few sessions of the game. I hadn't become a VO yet but was interested as the ranks were going to be expanded to encompass the card game play. I went upstairs to room 251 or 252 (can't remember which one it was back then) and saw a woman behind the table with chronicle sheets and sample class decks. Right away I knew I had wanted to play Harsk, the ranger. The woman was Tanis. She saw her new baby explode at Gen Con. In a good way. Never really got to talk to her at the time. (But I did get to play a little hero worship of Mike and also met Vic. Still didn't realize all the other Sharks involved.) I fought my way to becoming a Venture Officer. I managed to get OP started in three stores in my area with some popularity. By the end of the season, I started to realize how much this was Tanis's offspring and how much I enjoyed bringing these scenarios each week to the players. Wrath of the Righteous hit the streets and Season of the Righteous followed in its wake. By that time it was too late to participate in PaizoCon last year but it was in my sights for this year. Eventually Gen Con came around again and this time I was going to actually talk to these people. I got signatures on stuff for Hawkmoon and Andrew Klein. I met Liz and Gaby. Actually talked to Mike about the game, and Vic. And sat down with Tanis to talk to her about the class decks and organized play. And they were able to connect Theryon Stormrune with a face.

Then this year she allowed a special event at PaizoCon, We Be Goblins!, that was the fevered adaptation by Tyler (Beck) and myself. She even ran it alongside. It was a blast. Can't thank her enough for letting us bring that to the con. And that even fed into the adaption of our work into Season of the Goblin with the help of LSG's Keith Richmond. Over the past few years, I've seen the influence and guidance that Tanis has brought to the game and especially to organized play as a Paizo employee. Not just as a liason but as an integrated person that embraced Lone Shark's insanity and helped shape both aspects of the game for our enjoyment. I can't imagine all the hats she has had to wear over these years but she wore them well.

I hope she isn't a stranger to PaizoCon and I'm sure we'll see her at Gen Con's in the future. And we'll make sure that if she's near the Open, it will be as a player.

Thank you, Tanis, for everything. Your zeal and intensity will be greatly appreciated in the nursing industry. Their gain, our loss.


Lone Shark Games

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Theryon Stormrune wrote:
She saw her new baby explode at Gen Con. In a good way.

This is the first time these words have been used in this order.

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Mike Selinker wrote:
Theryon Stormrune wrote:
She saw her new baby explode at Gen Con. In a good way.
This is the first time these words have been used in this order.

What would praising Tanis be without exploding babies?!?

Sovereign Court

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It was great meeting you at Gen Con and helping run the ACG special- it was a wild and fantastic time! Thanks so much for your patience with all of us kooky volunteers, and more importantly thank you for building this friendly and supportive community!

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I'm just going to echo everything that Theryon said up above, and say thank you so much to Tanis for EVERYTHING she's done for the game over the last few years. It's been a privilege to work with you, Tanis, and I hope to still see you at future PaizoCons!

Good luck Tanis!

I remember we met you at Gen Con 2014 where we were able to play a couple rounds of S&S for the first time in the PACG rooms. You were there and helped us with questions as we were playing.

I recall the scenario we were playing had a somewhat dastardly gameplay angle (I don't recall which one it was) and I remember saying "This does what? OMG that's EVIL AND DEVIOUS". To which you replied, "I designed that.."

Respect and best wishes on your new adventure!

Good luck in all your future endeavors!

Even though I didn't get a chance to meet you before this, I feel sad inside that I didn't get to tell you how much I appreciate everything you have done for this game!

Thank you for all that and I hope you get to play every now and then!

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