Goblins Invade Geek Nation!

Friday, March 4, 2016

Last Friday I had the pleasure of invading the radio studio of 99.9 KISW ("The Rock of Seattle") to introduce members of their morning show crew to Pathfinder. A staple of the rock radio scene since I was a kid, radio host BJ Shea now also runs a podcast called Geek Nation along with longtime co-hosts the Reverend Enfuego, Vicky Barcelona, and more.

For last Friday's episode, I ran them through the entirety of the We Be Goblins! module, and we spent several glorious hours running around setting things on fire, abusing the speak with animals spell, and generally getting into the sort of mischief only a goblin can provide. And the entire game is now up on their website for you to listen to!

As a longtime band guy—one for whom getting played on 99.9's Metal Shop was a career highlight back in my metalcore days—it was a thrill to get to run a game in such a legendary location, surrounded by gold records from some of my favorite bands. I'd imagined myself visiting plenty of times, but I'd always assumed it'd be a guitar or bass that got me there—not my dice!

Sometimes real life is weirder than fantasy.

James L. Sutter
Executive Editor

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Stop that Suttor. You can't mention your metalcore band and then not also provide links to that!

The few places in Vancouver you can pick up kisw make me wish we had a station like it.

this is really cool, i listen to those guys on their morning show before i head to class

Glutton wrote:
The few places in Vancouver you can pick up kisw make me wish we had a station like it.

if you have a smart phone you can download their app for free to listen to them, you can also listen online

Scarab Sages

Pathfinder Battles Case Subscriber; Pathfinder Companion Subscriber

I listen to the KISW guys every day to and from work. Combining our collective hobby with my favorite radio personalities was awesome to listen to.

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