Wouldn't You Like to Have a Good Scare?

Wednesday, October 13, 2015

It's the most wonderful tiiiiiime of the year! That's right, the pumpkins are ready for harvesting, the cider is warming up, the leaves are turning their glorious shades of scarlets and yellows—and the veil thins between the worlds!

Carved by Corvidimus!

Goblins trick and goblins treat,
Time to smell some goblin feet!

Ghost and ghouls, nice and spooky,
Goblins like to dress up kooky!

Give us sweets, don't be a jerk,
If not have candy, pickles work!

Bar the windows, lock doors tight,
'Cause Gobloween is hallowed night!

Do You Know What Time It Is?

That's right, it's adventure time, and I've got a roundup of spooky good times for you and your campaign, starting with Pathfinder Society Scenarios!

Ustalav is a land filled with dark and terrible things left from the reign of the Whispering Tyrant, and the Carrion Crown Adventure Path certainly fits the spooky theme nicely. Our Pathfinder Adventure Finder conveniently collects other Ustalavic adventures as well, though "Crypt of the Everflame", "Feast of Ravenmoor", and "The Midnight Mirror" might also be quite suitable for your night of gaming, not to mention "The Skeletons of Scarwall"!

Ghosts of Halloweens Past

Over the years, we've accumulated a bunch of fun photos from our fans, like Butterfrog's Halloween 2008 Party (featuring a lot of folks who are still around, though their avatars might be different). But pumpkin carving has always been popular, whether the subject matter is goblins (always popular) or a Sihedron rune or a Pathfinder Society faction symbol.

Got photos of amazing Pathfinder-themed pumpkin carvings (check out the Community Use Package for ideas)? What about a costume? (We love costumes!) Send them to community@paizo.com and we'll share them with everybody on our Facebook and Tumblr pages!

Liz Courts
Community Manager

Special thanks to Sara Marie for the goblin rhyme!

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Dark Archive

Day of the Demon is a fun haunted house style PFS too.

Silver Crusade

Dont forget Carrion Hill!

Our local PFS day happened to fall on Halloween so we are doing a special horror module day of that and Feast of Ravenmoor.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Starfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Don't forget "The Skinsaw Murders" and the slightly different brand of horror in certain parts of "The Hook Mountain Massacre"! :)

please give us Bestiary 5 scary preview with most scary monsters from the book! :-p

Well, I can try!

Liberty's Edge

SO excited for Halloween this year! I've started running spooky adventures for my local players. So far we've had dark times in the Midnight Mirror (the ending of which actually might have jerked some tears), and we just did From Shore to Sea (I had one player, a Taldan noble proud of her Azlanti heritage, sweating for a lot of this adventure)! Tears at Bitter Manor will be played in full over two weekends and we will be ending with either Feast of Ravenmoor or the classic Carrion Hill! My October will be quite busy!

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Hrothdane wrote:

Dont forget Carrion Hill!

Our local PFS day happened to fall on Halloween so we are doing a special horror module day of that and Feast of Ravenmoor.

I'm running Carrion Hill myself this Saturday in Dublin Ohio. I've run Feast, and will likely run it again, but I'm holding off running it locally in the hopes some other GM will step up an run it for me. ;-)

I'd also add Temple of Emperyal Enlightenment to the creepy scenario factor.

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