A few choice words

Fri, Jul 31, 2015 at 11:29 AM Pacific

Queen Abrogail has something to say to those who sow rebellion in her realm!

Liz Courts
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What is that second leather bound book?

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Mine all mine...don't touch wrote:
What is that second leather bound book?

It looks like the copy of Rise of the Runelords found inside the Collector's edition case on the right.

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I forgot it came in a case.

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"Pathfinder GM Screen Alternative Version 2 - Available Soon"


Hey, look at it this way with the new Occult Classes you can change those Rebel's minds, permenantly.

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Pathfinder GM Screen Alternate Version 2 Available Soon? Wait we already have 2 versions. Shouldn't that be version 3. WE NEED A CORRECTION OR ERRATA OR SOMETHING! Oh, wait it's because it's the second alternate, the original is original and the alternate was version 1 of said alternate GM screens. Never mind. So are they cramming all ACG classsed and Occult classes on there or are we expecting a 3rd alternate down the road.

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I am hoping the new GM Screen is PFS focused.

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