2014 Cosplay Contest Champions!

Friday, September 19, 2014

This years Gen Con cosplay turnout was the best we've seen yet, and its my great pleasure to announce this years contest winners!

Carly took a 5-foot step into first place with her iteration of Imrijka, truly bringing the half-orc heroine to life with her steadfast dedication to details.

Dustin's representation of Sajan received a flurry of commendations, earning him a solid second place in this years votes.

Levi's devotion to his work blessed him with third place in the contest, praise the sun goddess!

Thanks to everyone who swung by the booth to participate this year, your hard work is always one of the highlights my coworkers talk about when they get back from the convention. We hope to see you all next PaizoCon or Gen Con!

Erik Keith
Software Test Engineer

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Congrats to all three of you! You all had wonderful costumes and it was a delight to see y'all in person at GenCon. It's pretty amazing to see something you work on all day come to life like that. Thanks for your enthusiasm and hard work!

Thanks Adam, it was a lot of fun making it! Trows, grats on your win! You deserve it!

Great costumes all around!

Best half-orc cosplay I've ever seen.

Ahh! Thank you Paizo community (and thank you Paizo for hosting the contest)!!!

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