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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Greetings, Pathfinders.

We hope you're excited for the launch of the Pathfinder Society Adventure Card Guild—we certainly are!

Unfortunately, we've had some very bad news this week from our card printer. They had a problem with one of their presses, and many of the Class Decks they printed had to be destroyed. As a result, the retail release date for the Class Decks is moving from August 14 to September 3, and we won't be able to ship preorders until shortly before that. And because you must have a Class Deck to participate in the Pathfinder Society Adventure Card Guild, that means that retailers won't be able to launch the program until September 3.

The good news is that this won't stop us from launching the Pathfinder Society Adventure Card Guild at Gen Con next week. Our friends at DriveThru Cards are rushing to print versions of the Class Decks that we can use in the Adventure Card Guild room, and we'll be providing printed character sheets for the characters you choose so you can register your character on and keep track of your rewards and deck upgrades as normal.

Our printer is also working to deliver some finished decks to Gen Con, though they may not arrive until later in the show. We promised a free Class Deck to any player who purchased 4 or more Pathfinder Society Adventure Card Guild events, and we will make those available for pickup in the PFSACG room as soon as they arrive. (And if the official decks arrive too late for someone to pick up, we will take that person's name and address and ship the chosen Class Deck as soon as copies arrive in our warehouse.).

We're very sorry about this situation, but we are committed to delivering the full amount of fun that everyone expected to have, albeit not on our desired schedule.

We still expect to have the Skull and Shackles Base Set and Character Add-On Decks to be available for purchase in the dealer hall, as well as all the available play mats and card sleeves from our partners at Ultra PRO.

Please use the thread below to ask any questions you need answered.

Tanis O'Connor
Adventure Card Game Designer

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Pathfinder Card Game, Starfinder Society Subscriber

I have done the same calculations, but with shipping and taxes to Norway. It's not that pretty either :)

I hope there will be an option to get the class decks shipped as soon as they're available if we have them in our side cart, I'd hate to wait until the end of September when the next subscription comes. : (

Paizo Employee Chief Technical Officer

At any time, you can go into your sidecart and tell us to ship the stuff that's in stock.

You can also ask Customer Service to move any preorders out of your sidecart and process them as normal preorders.

Thanks Vic, I'll do that : ).

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

Reports form the front (aka GenCon) indicate that class decks seem to have arrived yesterday. That sounds like excellent news.

Grand Lodge

Yes, the guys at the booth said the class decks were shipped directly to the con from the printer.

Paizo Employee Chief Technical Officer

Yep... we managed to get them in the early hours of Thursday morning.

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber
Mike Selinker wrote:
Duncan7291 wrote:
Bad printer in China, bad one in US, maybe Canada printer next :)

That is absolutely not true. Carta Mundi is a fantastic printer, and has done well by my games for two decades.

Sometimes things break.

It's not your game, but I remember the smelly Mirage MtG cards back in the day.

Carta Mundi has had its slip ups, but for the most part they're good.

How much later are we talking about? You've already charged my credit card over $100 for $60 work of games. Honestly, your shipping service is pathetic. I could have pre-ordered from Amazon and had free shipping.

I am not sure how much is going to be charged. It is not clear? anyone know how much is being charge for "this" shipment? I think I am just getting the Basic set?


Barmace wrote:

I am not sure how much is going to be charged. It is not clear? anyone know how much is being charge for "this" shipment? I think I am just getting the Basic set?


Found it $67.80

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

The answer depends. Did you get a shipping notice back on August 7th or 8th? If the answer is no, then you should only get getting charged for the Base Set ($49.99 for subscribers) plus the shipping cost, which will depend on where you live.

Thanks for the updates. I have question about this whole ordeal. I recieved my base set yesterday!!!! Yea, it looks awesome a very quality product. For subscribers, when are the special promo cards going to be shipped out? I did not get any with my base set, so are they coming with the Character Add-On decks when you ship them?

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

Yes, they are coming with the character add on in September. Paizo has to associate then with a single product in their system. Since some people want to skip the base set due to shipping cost (especially international) they are associated with the character add on.

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