Emerald Spire Superstars Panel

Sun, Jul 6, 2014 at 11:20 AM Pacific

7 of the 16 Emerald Spire Superstars! L to r-Schneider, Sutter, Jacobs, Bulmahn, Mentzer, Mona, and Stevens.

Jenny Bendel
Marketing Director

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Scarab Sages

All Pathfinder Online Kickstarter Backers, hear ye! Hear ye!

Come to the Emerald Spire!

If you love the tabletop RPG.
If you love Golarion.
If you love the Pathfinder Society of Golarion..
If you love the Pathfinder Society Organised Play circuit.
If you want to support all of these things, while also taking part in the Pathfinder Online MMO?

Then come to the Emerald Lodge!
Vote for a settlement, to be created in-game, for the express purpose of defending the approach to the fabled spire, for the protection of travellers, the training, feeding, and supply of all who wish to test their mettle in its mysterious chambers!

We are currently one vote away from a place in the top ten leaderboard position, which would ensure our place on the front page of the Goblinworks site.
Help us get that front page position, and this increased exposure should drive further traffic.

All non-evil members welcome.
No-one will be expected to change allegiance, or abandon their friends in an existing guild. Any existing ties you have will be honoured, as a Charter Company within the settlement.
If you joined the Kickstarter with the intention of playing in a Charter Company with a certain group of friends, that will still continue.
If you wish to live outside the Lodge, you will simply have a ready-made home to come back to, until such time as you are able to build your own.

This voting system is purely for the purposes of the Land Rush process, to determine the settlements to be provided in the early stages of the game. Once the game has begun, we would hope you find even more friends within our walls, and be better able to enjoy the the game with the support of like-minded players, who wish to build a settlement, tame the nearby monster lairs, and explore The Spire!

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