And a Joyous Crystalhue to All!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

On the shortest day of the year in Golarion, goodly folk celebrate Crystalhue with small gifts and rainbow imagery in honor of Shelyn. So to celebrate not only Crystalhue but also wrapping up work on Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Inner Sea Gods, I’ve made a small present for you all—Shelyn’s symbol charted up for needlepoint and also as a mittens pattern! Enjoy, and please share images if you try it out!

Download the Shelyn Knitting Patterns — (109kb zip/PDF)

Judy Bauer

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That is adorable and awesome. Seriously. Great work!

For love and beauty - YAY!

Scarab Sages

And Inner Sea Gods is finished!! Yay!!
Well done guys - enjoy the holidays!

Sovereign Court

"Yay, Ms. Rose gets to be knitted on Crystalhue! I sure wish I got to be a knight, then we could both be knitted."

Associate Editor

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Glad you like it! I got about 70% through the first one during the plane ride to Irrisen (a.k.a. northern WI)--still need to finish the top and thumb, and stitch over the body, beak, and feet of the bird: back of hand, palm. Happy holidays, all, and may those in the Northern Hemisphere enjoy the return of the light, while those in the Southern Hemisphere enjoy the summer!

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