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Monday, December 16, 2013

Illustration by Jon Hodgson

Part of what initially attracted me to Pathfinder Society Organized Play was the archaeological background, which resonated with my academic training and love of traveling abroad. Playing scenarios that explored ancient structures, visited dig sites, or required the PCs to understand a foreign culture made me really get what the Pathfinder Society was all about, so when I began writing support material as a volunteer—in particular the convention boons for Season 4—I made sure to highlight some of the archaeological feel in boons such as Expedition Manager.

Let be honest, though. Even though archaeology has an alluring mystique and can be both enjoyable and rewarding, its virtues don't always translate well in a four-hour time slot. Perhaps one day I'll develop an engaging, short challenge that features the joys of excavation and systematic discovery without boring the socks off of the players. A developer can dream!

Well, let's instead take a look at that other feature of Pathfinder Society: travel. With about 40 countries in the Inner Sea region alone, there's a lot to take in and explore—and only so many scenarios each season to see it all. Ever since Season 3, we've focused on a particular part of the world and explored it in depth. What we haven't done quite as much as a result is travel widely to less understood, less frequented locales to explore, report, and cooperate.

I'm feeling the itch to send Pathfinders to a few exciting places, and I would love to hear your feedback about what regions deserve more attention. Have you always wanted to travel to an island in the Shackles? How about a return to Jalmeray? Does Lastwall call to you? These could be places we've visited before but haven't seen for a long time, or they could be places where no PC Pathfinder has ever set foot.

John Compton

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June Soler wrote:
Michael Eshleman wrote:
I've put off playing Lost at Bitter End for this very reason.
Play a fighter, I played this at Paizocon 12 and it went smooth barely affected my PC.

Was that the game that I ran in the tent on Sunday after the con officially ended? Probably one of my top five favourite Pathfinder Society games.

Silver Crusade

I would love to see more of Molthune, Lastwall, and the Land of the Linnorm Kings.

Dark Archive 3/5

1) Ustalav. Mystery, Intrigue, and Gothic Horror!
2) Alkenstar. Spaghetti Western Scenario, anyone?
2) Other Planets. Yes. You heard me. I think a high level arc involving some brief jaunts to one of the other planetary masses in Golarion's solar system would be great.
3) Mwangi & Central Garund I have always lamented the lack of African Folklore & Mythology in the Tabletop Fantasy genre. There is a lot of rich source material to draw from.

Dark Archive

I'm going to give another vote to a jaunt in Hermea.

How about a swallowed whole scenario? Fighting your way through the belly of a beast. Kinda like a Jonah story.

Shadow Lodge 5/5 Regional Venture-Coordinator, Northwest aka WalterGM

bdk86 wrote:
I think a high level arc involving some brief jaunts to one of the other planetary masses in Golarion's solar system would be great.

I'll just leave this here...

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