Pawns of Winter

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Fall may be here, but winter is right around the corner—just in time for the Reign of Winter Adventure Path Pawn Collection! With more than 100 individual cardstock pawns, this Pathfinder Pawns collection brings to life 90 key monsters and NPCs from the Reign of Winter Adventure Path for use in your campaign. All of these allies and enemies appear in the Reign of Winter Adventure Path, but the Reign of Winter Adventure Path Pawn Collection also includes pawns for characters who have never been illustrated before. To whet your appetite for these tiny cardstock figures, here's a preview of some of the brand-new art for these characters!

Illustrations by Dieter Miller, Maichol Quinto, and Aaron J. Riley

Rob McCreary

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Thank you for the sneak peak. Mine's already pre-ordered at my FLGS and eagerly awaited. :)

PS. I'm excited to see a new half-orc female to add to my collection. There haven't been nearly enough female half-orcs and dwarves as of yet.

I love the picture of the Frost Giant/Sleipnir creature!

Grand Lodge

I never cared about paper minis but I'm gonna buy one bestiary and this one very soon! (probably here in europe to get it quicker/avoid customs+shipment fees).

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