Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game

Sun, Jul 7, 2013 at 10:35 AM Pacific

Still lots of gaming going on at PaizoCon today!

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This game is so much fun! And it rings true to the movies, so any Star Wars buff can appreciate it. I'm wondering if it will work with Edge of the Empire very well?

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I'd like it a lot more if the individual pieces were not so ridiculously expensive.

I'm still waiting on my A-wing and TIE/IN! Love the game, though.

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I'm waiting for A-Wings and Tie Interceptors myself. But a tribute to the game is that the Standard Tie is still a wonderful piece to play. Even more so when you get the Tie Fighter expansion which adds more pilots.

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If you're looking for Tie Interceptors and A-Wings and you don't want to wait for the August reprint to come out, try Barnes and Noble. I just ordered four of each from there this Saturday and the A-Wings are arriving today and the Interceptors tomorrow. They're list price, but for those who can't wait...

Thanks. I ordered and cancelled first from Amazon then reordered through Paizo. Any word on supply, Paizo? Otherwise I'll check B&N.

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mearrin69 wrote:

Thanks. I ordered and cancelled first from Amazon then reordered through Paizo. Any word on supply, Paizo? Otherwise I'll check B&N.


Much like other retailers, I'm waiting on a resupply from our distributor. If you placed it while it was out of stock, we'll fulfill the product when we get copies in.

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I had a blast playing this game at the con and now my buddy and I are going to invest in some start up boxes and venture to a galaxy far, far away...

I was not at the Con but have played this game previously, and it's a lot of fun. I'm waiting semi-patiently for our FLGS to get a supply of A-Wings in so I can fly my favorite Star Wars hotrod. ;D

The game mechanic rules are derived from the earlier Wings of War game of WW1 aerial combat, and considering what you get for your money (miniature, flight base, die-cut counters and cards needed to play that mini in the game) the prices aren't all that excessive and are comparable to the earlier WW1 aircraft miniatures.

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That was a pretty big game. I think the transport was too much though. Killing that thing was IMPOSSIBLE!

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