Illustration by Kieran Yanner. Widescreen version here.

Planets in Peril!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

The latest release from Planet Stories, Robert Silverberg's The Planet Killer's: Three Novels of the Spaceways, is now blasting off from the Paizo warehouse. Kieran Yanner, who has illustrated all three of our Silverberg omnibuses with an eye-catching, nostalgic look, is in top retro-SF form once again in this new Planet Stories wallpaper!

Christopher Carey

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Kieran ftw!!!

Very nice work. I love the shape of the laser gun. ;)

Sexy brunettes kill planets? Erik Mona, somebody has gotten off message. Is it Christopher Carey's fault?

Yeah, K. Yanner has been doing great stuff for Paizo all around.

TheBigBlueFrog wrote:
Very nice work. I love the shape of the laser gun. ;)

Ahh, so that's a gun she's supposed to be holding. I like Kieran's work but thought I'd accidentally been redirected to the Adam & Eve site.

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I really appreciate these wallpapers. Could we get one for the latest Silverberg, please?

Scarab Sages

Planets in Peril!

In more ways than one...

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