What happens in the Academae...

Thursday, April 14th, 2011

Illustration by J. P. Targete

What's this? Another new story already in the free Pathfinder Tales web fiction? As we discussed in the blog last week, this month brings us two short pieces from Pathfinder Tales superstars Elaine Cunningham and Dave Gross, both of which were recently previewed in Wayfinder #4. This week is "The Illusionist," a totally self-contained one-shot story from Elaine featuring a young Mwangi wizard from the Magaambya who travels to the Acadamae in Korvosa on a sort of study-abroad program, only to discover that the northerners are far less cultured than they pretend...

If you've read Winter Witch, you may notice a few familiar faces in this story. One of the main comments I've heard regarding the novel is that people are really curious about Declan's brother Asmonde, and the backstory with him and the Acadamae—I know I found Declan's relationship with his not-quite-sister-in-law and tiefling niece one of the more compelling aspects of his character. Thus it should come as no surprise that when Elaine contacted me about writing more about that bit of history, I jumped at the chance. And of course, seeing our old friend Jamang in his natural habitat lends that much more life and breadth to the underhanded world of Korvosa.

Click here to read Elaine's new story, and don't forget to come back next week for a rollicking new yarn by Paizo publisher Erik Mona himself!

James Sutter
Fiction Editor

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Why is this a Pathfinder Tales post as opposed to a Golarion Days blog??

the two blogs are look forward to each week are Design Tuesdays and Golarion Days, and there hasn't been a Golarion Days blog post since March 24th. While I understand that the last two weeks were about the Japan Relief auction, why not have the Golarion Days, or any other bumped blog put up over the weekend? or if that's not possible, on either a different day, or even the same day, just a little later??

We've had to shuffle things around this week. Golarion Day will return next week in all its glory.



I think folks might have differing ideas of what "Golarion Day" means. In my mind, a story that shows folks a Mwangi character inside the iconic location of the Acadamae is just as much a glimpse of life on Golarion as a game-style write-up about something.

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