Illustrations by Eric Belisle and Wayne Reynolds. Widescreen version here.

Release the Hordes!

December 31, 2010

It’s the last day of 2010, and once again the Paizo offices are closed, this time in honor of the new year. It’s been an amazing 2010 here at Paizo, and we managed to cap it with a great new hardcover book. Bestiary 2 has begun to arrive in stores and in hands around the world, making it easy to surprise your players with new monsters during your games this weekend. Bestiary 2 is full of some great adversaries for you to defeat, and the poster we recently released will help you keep track of which ones have met their demise at the hands of your players. In honor of both the new year and the release of Bestiary 2, here’s another great wallpaper from our art team!

Marketing and Organized Play Manager

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Nice one-I really prefer bright colours for wallpapers.

Nice one indeed.

Shadow Lodge

Wow, killer wallpaper!

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