Wednesday, January 27, 2010

As many of you know, having followed this internship period with great fervor (I have been assaulted by paparazzi no less than seven times), I will soon be vanishing from this land.

There are some benefits to my departure. Once more I will be addressed by other people as "Matt" and not "starving intern," which is less of a title really and more of the beginnings to a declarative statement (read: "Starving interns, bookmark this PDF!").

Some of my best memories were those times when I could ride someone's coattails into the building, having been given no keys of my own. This I savored in lieu of the alternative: braving the main entrance thorough the customer service lair, wherein waits Cosmo, destroyer of worlds. Though I was threatened only once by way of nerf gun, I was also accosted in the name of a ham sandwich, which I have yet to procure. It would be incorrect for me to suggest that I tremble at every sound I hear, but at times I do flinch and shrink away from what I fear may be the inevitability of Cosmo's ham-sandwichless wrath.

I remember relearning a lot of gaming. It's a well-kept secret (among staff here, even) that I landed this internship without much gaming experience at all. So little, in fact, that I had only three d20 Modern sessions under my belt and one 3.5 session. By that token, I'm completely thrilled to have been given this opportunity, as well as to have played in Crystal's campaign (mentioned by Tyler here).

I remember the sparse but consistently entertaining vignettes of the life experiences of Sean K Reynolds. I remember data entry, copy edits, development meetings, manuscript styling, playtests, teaching myself Photoshop on a whim, arranging battles between weresabretooth tigers and the lava dragon on my desk, drinking lots of tea, bookmarking PDFs, and repairing Planet Stories manuscripts. I remember teaching Wes the intern's point of view on free food: "Do not question free food, for it is both free, and food." I remember my first editorial pass on Pathfinder Society Scenario #36: Voice in the Void. I remember how its writer soon came to work for us. I remember the occasional free meal, sometimes paid for by you, the wonderful fans.

In fact, I remember everything fondly with the exception of Highway 520, that notoriously temperamental highway and bridge that separates the Paizo offices from "mainland" Seattle. To the hour of traffic I sat in each night after departing, I bid you adieu.

To all my fellow Pathfinder fans, I'll likely see you on the messageboards, and to the rest of the staff... I'll see you at PaizoCon '10. Wish me luck in my senior year of college, and more than that, luck in finding a job afterwards!

Matthew Lund
Editorial Intern

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Ah Matt, we hardly knew ye !

I was never good at good byes,
so allow me to quote Lao Tze:

Watch your thoughts; they become words.
Watch your words; they become actions.
Watch your actions; they become habits.
Watch your habits; they become character.
Watch your character; it becomes your destiny

And of course the wisdom of Oscar Levant:

What the world needs is more geniuses with humility, for there are so few of us left.

RPG Superstar 2012

Good luck in your future endeavors, Matt!

Good luck! And great adventures to you Matt!

Sovereign Court RPG Superstar 2009 Top 32, 2010 Top 8

For a minute I went "Wait, where am I going?"

Wrong Matt ;-)

Best of luck.

Sovereign Court

Best of luck!

we'll miss you and your wild antics.
like the time you wore a romanian gypsy shirt on hawaiian shirt friday.
or the time you spiked the coffee with red bull.
or the funny faces you painted on the back of sean's head,
which have never washed off, and which he has still not noticed.
may you never lose your sense of adventure,
or your fine grasp of obscure latin punctuation.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Lost Omens, Rulebook Subscriber

Good luck starvi..., Matt!

d'awwww you guys are the best

also, my bad for misremembering Voice in the Void is actually Pathfinder Society Scenario #35, not #36.

I blame Ross for not correcting me.

Good luck Matt! Hope to see you at PC2010

All the best, Matt.

Good luck Matt, perhaps when you're done college you'll be back at Paizo with a new title.

I sense a petition mounting!


It's too late for you to get us art.

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