Illustration by Christopher Burdett

The Game Is Afoot

Friday, December 8, 2009

I know it's been a while—whole months in fact—since we dropped a huge hardback tome on you all, but rest assured, we've got more in the works! Right now, on top of all the usual Pathfinder swag you've come to expect from month to month, we're also working away on our third huge tome, the GameMastery Guide. Meant to be the go-to source for Game Masters of all stripes and skill levels, the GameMastery Guide is in invaluable resource and toolbox offering hundreds of pages of new subsystems, common stats, advice, tables, and tons more, all from some of the biggest names in gaming. We're already elbow deep in the book's construction and over the course of the coming weeks will have plenty more of the content and awesome art to show off. For now, though, check out the cover on the GameMastery product page and one of this book's mascots, every tricky GM's favorite beastie, the mimic.

F. Wesley Schneider
Managing Editor

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