Book of the Damned: Heresy Devil and Erinyes Queen on Labor Day

Monday, September 7, 2009

Ahh, Labor Day! A day to relax, share the company of friends, and enjoy one of the last summer weekends in the northern hemisphere. Of course, if you're this heresy devil from Princes of Darkness, Book of the Damned Volume I, you've probably never had an honest day of work in your life—just beers, bratwurst, and corrupting existing religions to evil. He's really let himself go, the guy probably weighs like 2,300 pounds! And here's his nagging girlfriend, one of the Erinyes Queens. "Why can't you get a job? All you do is loaf around with your stupid friends! My mother was right about you!" Feels like home, doesn't it?

Illustrations by Eva Widermann

Sean K Reynolds
Developer, Pathfinder Chronicles

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Tags: Devils Eva Widermann F. Wesley Schneider Hell Monsters Pathfinder Campaign Setting
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